Sunday, March 11, 2007

Weekend Activities

We had a busy and fun weekend this weekend!! Didn't really get anything done around the house (except make the bed in the guest room for a friend who's staying over one night later this week), but sometimes it's good to just have a fun weekend.

Friday Chris and I tried two new things. First we went to a Vietnamese restaurant in town called Fusion Cafe. I made the incorrect assumption that like other far Eastern foods, they would have plenty of non-meat dishes to choose from. Not so, but we did find some shrimp dishes that were okay. We think we'll go back another time to try the meat dishes and the Pho. That seemed to be the popular thing to get, but all the Pho came with meat of some kind or another. Pho, apparently, is some kind of noodle soup. Maybe my old friend Tuan (Hi Tuan!! Hope you're still reading!) can give me some suggestions for the next time I try Vietnamese food.

After dinner we went downtown to an art gallery that I have been to many times. In the past I've been there during Lexington's Gallery Hop and occasionally for chamber music concerts that friends have performed in there. Besides are and music, they also do contra dancing!! I've actually wanted to go for years, but could never get up the nerve. So Chris and I went and had a blast. It was quite a bit of exercise, very evergetic, and lots of fun. There were probably around 75 people there and everyone was extremely friendly. If you don't know what you're doing people will point you in the right direction and I was often pushed into or suddenly swung into the right spot on numerous occasions. I'd defintely go back.

Saturday was basically a quiet day. That evening we joined a group of people from various area churches for dinner followed by bowling. We had about 12 or so people for dinner and then 7 of us went bowling. I only got a 69 in the first game, but improved and got a 98 in the second game. Chris did very well with a 118 in the first game and then got his highest score ever in the second game with a 150!!

Today was fairly relaxing: church, breakfast at Chris' house, reading the Sunday newspaper together, went for an hour-long walk in the Arboretum, and then a quick stop at the grocery before coming home for the night.

I have to be at Church for Adoration at 5:30am tomorrow (next week I can go back to 6am), so I need to head to bed very soon. Monday after work I'm planning a walk at the indoor track that I paid a year-long fee to and haven't been yet, then home for dinner and maybe some clarinet practice. Tuesday night we're going to our first dancing lessons (not contra dancing this time). Anyway, it's going to be another busy week.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!! Have a blessed, productive, and fun-filled week!!

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