Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Teaching Manners

My kids actually listen to me!

This was my realization this morning when I finally figured out what my children were trying to tell me while we listened to their Veggie Tales CD on the way to work and school (for the gazillionth time). Last week they were trying to tell me something about the Veggie Tales not saying please. And they were very adamant about it. I wasn't sure what they were referring to and they eventually dropped it.

Then this morning they started telling me again about how someone wasn't saying please. From their seats in the back row of my van I usually can't hear their tiny voices while this CD is playing. So they'er trying to tell me something, I keep shutting the CD off, I don't understand what they are talking about, I turn it back on, and the cycle starts again.

But I got it today! The CD finally hit on the song "Give me oil in my lamp" and they started yelling from the back, "The Veggie Tales not saying please, they not saying please!"

Ah, Veggie Tales, my almost 4 year old twins think you need a lesson in manners, apparently.

Despite how many times I remind my kids to say please instead of "I want" or "give me," it's good to know that they are listening. Hopefully they will put it into practice more eventually, too.

Listen to "Give me oil in my lamp" by the Veggie Tales HERE.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Seven Toddler Quick Takes #7QT

Happy Easter Friday!!

My toddlers just crack me up. If you're a parent of a toddler or have been a parent of a toddler, you know what I'm talking about. I have twin toddlers that are 3. Between them and the 15 month old, who runs after them any chance he gets, our house can be quite entertaining (and loud). I thought it'd be fun to share some of the entertainment with you all.

While reading about Easter from a great book I found: {opening the door on the scene of the Last Supper} "That Judas, he bad!"

During the very beginning of Good Friday service (we were sitting in the front row) and seeing the priest and deacon prostrate in front of the altar: "Mommy, he sleeping?"

I had emphasized the veneration of the cross prior to the Good Friday service, but we had gone over the whole story beforehand, multiple times (see #1 above). So at one point Peter leans over to me and asks, "Where the tomb?"

On laundry: "We wear the clothes, we wash the clothes, we put them away, and we wear them again!" {Imagine toddler with his hands out, palms up, as he explains this to me. I'd like to know more about the "we" part of this process because right now it seems to be mostly me.}

On why we are still talking an hour after we were told to go to sleep: "We not talking, Baby [or Monkey or Puppy or Snoopy or whatever animal they happen to have in their hands] talking."

Okay, whatever kid. Tell the stuffed animal to go to sleep.

Most of time Silas doesn't get to play with his older brothers. He either wants to be with mom or dad or plays on his own. But he definitely doesn't like playing on his own. He tries to play with the twins, but they often won't play with him, which ends in some crying, usually Silas. Every once and a while though, the twins make a game out of Silas chasing them around the house. At those times I hear, "The ladybug, the ladybug coming!" "Watch out, ladybug coming." "There's the ladybug!!"

Don't ask me how Silas became "the ladybug" and why a ladybug is scary. I have no clue.

Our night time prayers consist of the Guardian Angel prayer followed by asking Jesus to bless a list of family and friends. We list our priests at the end and a few months back we added an intention for our diocese to get a new bishop. We've been sede vacante since February 2014, but hadn't thought to add this intention until recently. Then of course we got word the very next week of who our new bishop would be. Funny how that happens! Anyway, so we added his name to the end of our prayers. Ethan has this funny way of adding extra syllables to what we say and neither child same initial "S" sounds very well yet. So we end up getting something like "... and for our new Bishop-elected 'Tow." {Should be Bishop-elect Stowe} Hubby and I have stopped trying to correct him.

Have a great weekend all!! And don't forget to check out more 7 Quick Takes posts over at Kelly's page, This Ain't the Lyceum.