Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Introducing Baby

Sorry for the silence on the blog lately. But I have a great excuse and here he is:

Silas Augustine arrived at 2:18 pm on Thursday Dec. 19, 2013. He was a plump 9 pounds and 20.25 inches long. I worked really hard to get the delivery I wanted. But things turned out a little differently. Silas was face up and not descending at all despite my pushing efforts. So he came via C-section. Not what I had wanted, but I have no regrets. We have a healthy baby!

He's a bit of a thinker. Haha!

I managed to get a picture of Peter with baby brother Silas. Ethan had no interest in a similar picture. Peter is happy as punch to have a baby brother.

And a Christmas morning picture of all three of my boys. I can't believe I'm a mom of three boys!!

All is going well so far. We've had some bumps along the way, expected growing pains. Nursing did not take right away but we seem to be doing better in that respect now, though Silas still needs a little extra formula to make sure he's getting enough calories. Otherwise, we're figuring things out.

Thank you to everyone for the prayers over the last 9 months. We are so happy to have Silas with us finally!!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Pregnancy Update: Week 41

I'm writing this on Tuesday night. As of now, labor has not started. Who knows where I will be once this actually gets posted on Wednesday morning.

So the latest update is this:
I am 3 cm. dilated and 80% effaced. So I'm making some progress.

I've already had two NSTs this week and the one on Tuesday showed some uterine activity. But I'm not feeling any contractions.

On Monday the doctor also swept the membranes, hopefully that will help move things along, eventually. I hope.

My hopes:
I would like to go into labor on my own. I would like to avoid induction if at all possible. Mainly I don't want to be tied to a bed because of an IV line.

The current plan:
41 weeks is as far as my doctor usually let's people go. She's willing to give me a couple more days as of now. So I go back on Thursday for another NST and to check fluid levels. That is, unless I go into labor on my own before then. She has said that we could start pitocin and always turn it off once things are moving along. I could do that as a compromise if necessary. She also has offered to break my water, but I told her I'm not as willing to do that. My concern is that once my water breaks I know I'll be on a clock and I'd rather not be forced to deliver within a certain time period. But I have a feeling that if I make it to Thursday, we will have to do something at that point.

So this is where we are at the moment. Definitely some good news, but still waiting.

Prayers: Continue praying for us, please, and for labor to kick in soon. Thanks!!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Christmas Program

The boys' Christmas program was Thursday evening. It was so cute. The whole day care participated, even the littlest ones. Here are a few pictures of the evening.

This was them coming into the church. It's a little blurry but that is Ethan in front with Peter just behind him. 

Getting set up for the show. As you can imagine it was a little chaotic. The boys had little reindeer antlers they were wearing but Ethan's ended up around his neck and Peter's were kind of in his eyes. 

Getting ready to sing. The boys' both looked so confused. They had been practicing every morning for a couple weeks, but to come in and see all these people looking at them was completely new to them. They rang their bells during "Jingle Bells" but I'm not sure they said "Hey" on cue. They were too big eyed looking out at all the parents taking pictures and videos. 

After the show with their reindeer antlers on. 

And a brother hug before we headed out for cookies and punch. 

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Pregnancy Update: Week 40

How far along? 40 weeks and 1 day (due date was yesterday!).

How big is baby: According to Baby Center, baby is roughly 7 and a half pounds (about the size of a small pumpkin) and 20 inches long.

Cravings/Aversions: None to speak of at this time.

Belly button: still MIA.

Movement: Plenty!!

Leg cramps/Restlessness: Pleased to report that leg cramps have remained at bay. The restlessness is still incredibly annoying.

Sleep: Looking forward to sleeping more comfortably again ... one day.

Weight gain: Probably around 26 pounds, but I can't say I've been keeping track very well in recent weeks.

Appointment: I had an appointment with Dr. H on Monday which went well. She did check and found that I have not dilated at all yet. I'm kind of shocked that I haven't dilated at all. After our concern with my cervix shortening around 21/22 weeks, it's very surprising. Totally not what I expected to hear. We talked a bit about my wishes for the birth and we also talked about the possibility of a c-section should I go too long. I'm praying that doesn't happen. Next appointment is this coming Monday.

NST: My NST on Monday also went well. Baby always cooperates and I'm usually not there more than 30 minutes. Next NST is Thursday (today!) along with an ultrasound to check fluid levels.

To-Do List: Just what still needs to be done:

  • Go through newborn clothes
  • Finish packing hospital bag (I've started, at least)
Believe it or not, I think these are the only things on my list. I must be forgetting something! LOL!!

The Big Brothers: The boys have a Christmas program at their school tonight. They've been practicing every morning at school. Hubby came home tonight and told me that one of the teachers said they are doing really well with the bells they have and saying "hey!" at the appropriate time (I assume in "Jingle Bells"). As much as I want to go into labor, I'd like to be able to see the boys program. It's sure to be cute!! After that, come on Baby!! Hopefully I'll have pictures and maybe some video to share of the Christmas program. 

Prayers: First asking for prayers that my body starts doing something soon. I want to avoid a c-section as much as possible. So prayers that I go into labor spontaneously very soon and that fluid levels look good at my ultrasound. Also, prayers for my prayer buddy A. She's going through a rough time and could use lots of prayers. Thank you!

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Pregnancy Update: Week 39

How far along: 39 weeks, 0 days!!

How big is baby? According to Baby Center the baby is a bit over 7 pounds and roughly 20 inches long. Of course, my doctors are estimating the baby is already bigger than that.

Cravings/Aversions: Not much change here.

Belly Button: MIA

Movement: Has been good. Baby moves a lot. So far my NSTs haven't taken too long and although I was given information on doing "kick counts" every day, I feel so much movement I haven't really bothered.

Leg cramps/Restlessness: I've had a tiny bit of tightening in the middle of the night, but I usually catch it before it turns into a full-blown leg cramp. The restlessness is just a constant and incredibly annoying. While watching TV, sitting at my desk at work, in a meeting, my legs just want to jump up and go for a run.

Sleep: I just don't like sleep right now. It's uncomfortable, restless, and I wake up feeling sore and tired.

Weight gain: Okay, I think I'm around 25 pounds now. So baby really needs to come out soon. Very soon!!

NST: Friday's went fine, was there no more than 30 minutes. Monday went well also. Over the 30+ minutes I was there the monitors even picked up a few contractions. I didn't feel any, of course, but it was nice to see that my body is doing something. Next one is tomorrow and then we'll plan for two next week as well.

Appointment: My appointment on Monday took forever!! Appointment time was actually at 11:15, I don't think I saw anyone until closer to 12:15. When I was making my next appointment I noticed the time on my iPod said 12:50. Talk about a long morning!!  However, after seeing the nurse (who I did see on the early part of the appointment) and then the resident (who didn't make an appearance until around 12:00 or so), I finally got to see Dr. O. I really do like him a lot. He was great and we talked about a lot of things. He even asked how the boys were doing. I now know why he runs so far behind. LOL!! Overall, a good appointment. Baby is still head down and heartbeat is good. Next appointment is on Monday with Dr. H.

To-Do List:

  • We have a stroller!! Thanks, Mom!
  • We have a doula! Met her on Saturday. I think it'll be good to have an extra support person during labor and delivery.
  • Plans for the boys: I think I have shared everything I need to with all those who need the info. I'm sure I'm missing something, but it'll all work out. At some point you just got to let it go and hope for the best. Let go and let God. Right?
  • Work: almost done. Tying up loose ends. I'm trying to leave each day like I won't be returning the next day. Just a few days left!
  • Christmas cards are done and mailed!
Still to do:
  • Go through the newborn clothes
  • Pack a bag for the hospital
  • Move car seats around and install infant car seat
  • Rearrange baby's room (not an immediate need)
  • Set up pack and play in our room
  • Finish Christmas shopping
  • Wrap Christmas gifts
And now it's late and I can no longer think. Stay tuned for either news or another update. There's no telling now what will be next.