Thursday, January 22, 2009

Beyond Today ...

Today in D.C. hundreds of thousands of people are marching down the street in support of life in the womb. Today is the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, a decision in 1973 that has resulted in somewhere between 48 and 50 million innocent children being murdered in the womb through no fault of their own. Millions of my generation gone, millions of the following generation (which my two youngest siblings are a part of) also gone. And millions more will be gone in future generations.

But being pro-life is about much more than fighting abortion. I found this post today that really speaks to how critical it is that we recognize the importance of life at all its stages. Check it out here: It Is More Than Abortion ... It Is About Life.

Please pray that life at all its stages from conception until natural death is protected.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Apostolate of Hannah's Tears: A tiny coffin, but a big witness

Journal of a Nobody: A Remebrance of Zachary

A Remembrance of Zachary

A friend of mine shared her thoughts about our little Zachary's funeral on a Catholic blog that offers support for women dealing with infertility, miscarriage, stillbirth, and more. Her testimony to the importance of life was so moving to me as she put it into the context of the funeral we just had, I thought it worth sharing here as well.

Her post can be found on the blog The Apostolate of Hannah's Tear's. The direct link to her post is here: A tiny coffin, but a big witness.

Thanks to everyone who came out to the funeral. The presence of so many people there and all those who wanted to be there says a lot for the importance we all place on the dignity of human life at any stage, born or unborn. Everyone that was there or wanted to be there is a witness to the cause for life. Thank you all very much!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

National Sanctity of Human Life Day

Yesterday (Saturday) was the funeral for my little boy Zachary. He died before he was given the chance to be born. And like any life that ends, he left a hole in our hearts and in our lives. In another post at another time I may talk more about the loss of our son, Zachary Thomas. What I wanted to share with you now is the fact that his life deserved recognition and my husband and I are lucky enough to be part of a community who supports us in recognizing the dignity of all human life. So yesterday morning we celebrated Zachary's life with a funeral and a burial service surrounded by the love of family and friends both near and far.

That brings us to today, Sunday January 18. Only one day after saying goodbye to a life I carried for 22 weeks but never got to know, I learn that today was declared National Sanctity of Human Life Day. The proclamation begins:

All human life is a gift from our Creator that is sacred, unique, and worthy of protection. On National Sanctity of Human Life Day, our country recognizes that each person, including every person waiting to be born, has a special place and purpose in this world. We also underscore our dedication to heeding this message of conscience by speaking up for the weak and voiceless among us.

My husband and I took some time out of our day today to attend a Vigil for Life in downtown Lexington. It was about 33 degrees and snowing the whole time we stood together outside the courthouse listening to people speak about the importance of protecting life from conception until natural death. It was cold, but it was uplifting. The work being done in our community and around the country in support of life is amazing. We prayed together, standing out in the elements, for our new administration that they too will recognize the dignity of all human life and will put an end to abortion in this country.

For me, it was difficult at times to stand there and listen to the speakers and pray for an end to abortion after just having lost my son. It occurred to me several times during that hour that many people have aborted babies who were as far along as I was with Zachary and definitely abortions have taken place at or later than when I lost Casey back in March of 2008. It saddens me to no end to think of all the children that have been lost all in the misguided notion of "choice." I didn't have a choice in my losses, I have to bear the unthinkable while others tell women in crisis pregnancies that it is only a blob of tissue they are carrying. I held my baby boy and I can testify to the fact that he was indeed a baby.

The emcee for today's event (an adoptive parent himself) said towards the end of the event that what we need is more education. We need to speak out for all those unborn children who can't speak for themselves. We need to affirm our country's promise made in the Declaration of Independence that all have the right to LIFE, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. So through my blog, I hope that I can reach others and that my words here will educate those who read them in a better understanding of what life really is.

Thanks to all those who offered their support to my husband and I over this past, very difficult week. Thanks to all those who continue the pro-life work and who support others in pro-life ministry. Thanks to all who will be attending the March for Life in Washington, D.C. this coming Thursday (wish we could be there with you). And thanks to President Bush for declaring today National Sanctity of Human Life Day.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Blogging just to blog

I noticed that I haven't written anything on here since December 2, just over a month ago!! There is so much I could say, but that could turn into a jumble of ramblings. There are things happening with us that I could report on, but again, I feel that I'd just be everywhere. So instead, I thought I'd simply share some of the "life" we are experiencing right now.

But first I do have to share: Christmas here was good and I had a nice long vacation. We wrapped up the Christmas season with an Epiphany party this past weekend. Although technically the Christmas Season doesn't end until this coming Sunday we have now taken most of the decorations down. We left our nativity set up for the duration though, since the Wise Men only just arrived this past weekend. Didn't seem fair to take it down as soon as they got there.

Okay, so I had to put in a little of what we've been up to the past month. Moving on ...

I found out today that we are confirmed for the trip to Washington, D.C. in two weeks. We'll be driving up with another couple, following behind a van carrying about 8 others. There is also a bus going, but they are leaving at 9:30pm on January 20. The van and us will be leaving at 5am on the 21st. So we'll drive during the day and get to D.C. by that afternoon or so. Hopefully not too late! This trip should be very exciting and I'll definitely make a point of blogging about it when I get back. The basic itinerary will be a Mass at the National Basilica on Wednesday night (the same day we get there). I hear this is an awesome thing to be at with a procession that lasts about 30 minutes because of all the cardinals, bishops, priests, and deacons in attendance. Should be very exciting. Then Thursday is the actual March for Life in the morning. I believe we are leaving to drive back to Lexington following the March. So for those friends in D.C. or in the area, I probably won't get a chance to visit with you. That is unless you come out for the March and help the hundreds of thousands of people there support Life!!

What actually happens at the March, I don't know, I've never been. I have seen pictures and some video clips people posted on You Tube and other video sites (I can't think of the Catholic one at the moment). I know there will be speakers and there is the march itself and who knows what else. It should be an exciting time!!

So that's our trip to D.C., in just a couple of weeks!! Can't wait. Oh, and to get us ready for it, there is a Vigil for Life here in Lexington on Sunday January 18. For anyone in the area who can make it, it's from 2-3pm that day at the new Courthouse downtown. There are a few speakers, Leo Brown is emcee, and they suggest bringing chairs and/or blankets with you.

And speaking of life, the life I am carrying seems to be doing well. In December we had our "big" ultrasound. It was so much fun watching them measure the head and look at the heart, and measure all the limbs and see the face. We got several pictures from the experience (posted on our picassa page and my FB page). And no, we did NOT find out the gender. Didn't plan to and didn't want to. We are looking forward to the surprise in May!! But everything is normal and looks good, that's all we were hoping for. I got to hear the heartbeat again at my appointment at the end of the month and it was nice and strong.

It seems that the last several days I might have started experiencing Braxton Hicks contractions. Some of them seem quite strong, but now that I'm home from work and watching the clock I am realizing that they aren't lasting very long (10-20 seconds) and they are definitely irregular, sometimes 20 minutes apart, other times over an hour. So I did talk to the nurse today who works with my doctor and she recommended rest and possibly a visit to triage if I don't start feeling better in another day or so, mostly given my history (oen miscarriage and some bleeding earlier in this pregnancy). But overall, we think things are fine and this is probably nothing to worry about.

So if you think about it, please say a prayer for me and for baby. I wish I could feel the baby move around to know things are fine, but I still haven't felt him or her, so at the moment I am trusting that all is well; that's why we have faith, right? Next scheduled appointment isn't until Feb. 2, so please pray that I don't have to move it up for any reason!!

Thanks for all your prayers!! We'll be thinking about life in so many ways over this next month. Please pray for all those attending the March for Life, for all those women contemplating abortion, that they will choose life, for the unborn who have lost their lives in the name of "choice," and for me and the many, many others who are expecting, that the lives we carry will be kept safe and be born healthy!!

St. Gerard, pray for us! St. Philomena, pray for us! St. Anne, pray for us! Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of all, pray for us!!