Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Pregnancy Update: Week 41

I'm writing this on Tuesday night. As of now, labor has not started. Who knows where I will be once this actually gets posted on Wednesday morning.

So the latest update is this:
I am 3 cm. dilated and 80% effaced. So I'm making some progress.

I've already had two NSTs this week and the one on Tuesday showed some uterine activity. But I'm not feeling any contractions.

On Monday the doctor also swept the membranes, hopefully that will help move things along, eventually. I hope.

My hopes:
I would like to go into labor on my own. I would like to avoid induction if at all possible. Mainly I don't want to be tied to a bed because of an IV line.

The current plan:
41 weeks is as far as my doctor usually let's people go. She's willing to give me a couple more days as of now. So I go back on Thursday for another NST and to check fluid levels. That is, unless I go into labor on my own before then. She has said that we could start pitocin and always turn it off once things are moving along. I could do that as a compromise if necessary. She also has offered to break my water, but I told her I'm not as willing to do that. My concern is that once my water breaks I know I'll be on a clock and I'd rather not be forced to deliver within a certain time period. But I have a feeling that if I make it to Thursday, we will have to do something at that point.

So this is where we are at the moment. Definitely some good news, but still waiting.

Prayers: Continue praying for us, please, and for labor to kick in soon. Thanks!!