Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Quick Mid-week update

I have a short amount of time to do this in.

We had a little St. Patty's Day gathering on Saturday evening. 9 adults and 6 little boys all under the age of 4! It was fun! We had an Irish Stew and my grandmother's Irish Soda Bread, plus a salad and two different desserts. I think everyone enjoyed themselves and it was fun to actually be a host for once.

Sunday I don't even remember. It must have been a quiet day.

This week I am on vacation from work, but still very busy. I have been making wedding phone calls and organizing things and eventually will clean my house. I hate cleaning, but it has to be done. And, wow!! There is a lot to clean in my house!! Ever wonder why I never invite anyone over??

Last week I found out about a software company that is coming to do a presentation at work on a new product and what they have done with our data in the product. As the chair of the UK Libraries Integrated Library Systems Committee, I was asked to attend. I found out that the presentation was today! But I am here and the presentation is in a few minutes. I figure that I will take two hours off sometime next week to make up for coming in during my vacation. Not only as the ILS chair, but as the music cataloger, I feel like I need to be here to ask the tough questions that only music people can ask because our data is so much more complex than data for other matierals. And we need to ask the tough questions if we are going to invest in a third-party software.

That's about it from me at this time. Hope everyone is having a goood week! Have to run!

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