Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Spring showers and a Prayer Request

Yesterday was so gorgeous and then this morning I awoke to very load thunder, lightening, and a heavy downpour. It was very grey and dark all morning. But by late afternoon it warmed up again and the sun came out. Looks nice out now. It is a little cooler, so that's nice.

Last night we had our first real dance lesson. We're getting good at a box step. We can do the basic waltz and rumba steps and Chris can turn me through them too. We're both still a little awkward, but we were doing pretty good there for a while. We definitely need to practice. No lesson next week, but we'll be back the week after that.

Tonight I'm going to church for the Faith Formation Committee meeting. I forgot to print out the agenda and I forgot what we did at the last meeting. So I hope there wasn't something I was supposed to read or do before tonight. I guess I'll find out shortly. I enjoy this committee because I like the conversations and I like the things we talk about. We're focusing a lot on what is happening in the CCD, teen programs, RCIA, and adult education programs currently and full-time staff members are giving us reports on what they are doing. Secondly we are working on how to introduce Whole Parish Catechises into the church. This is a tough thing since the church is so large AND we are supposed to focus on how our parish, as the cathedral, is an example to all the other Catholic churches in the diocese. Not an easy thing to do. This is my second year on the committee, and as interesting as it is and all, I may request to rotate off after this year. Not sure just yet since the commitment isn't nearly as much as some of my other commitments. We'll see how I feel in a few months. If I continue it will be for only one more year though, I know that.

One other thing I wanted to mention. One of my staff members has a daughter who had a liver transplant almost one year ago (May 2006, I think). She was admitted to the hospital again this week with a low white cell blood count. which means that her immune system is basically not working. They are monitoring her and giving her medications to help stimulate that cell count back up. Please say a prayer for her that she will get better soon and be able to return home and to school and her normal routine. She's only 14 years old. Thanks!!

I have to run to get to my meeting on time. Good night!

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