Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Dancing and Books!!

Dancing and Books?? Well, not together. Tuesday we went dancing. We had a free dance lesson at the Arthur Murray studio here in Lexington. It was fun!! We signed up for 20 more lessons for between now and the wedding. We spent a half hour with a private instructor who showed us basic steps that could be used for various dances. Overall she showed us basic steps and timings to the Foxtrot, Waltz, Rumba, and Swing. I really had a good time.

The lessons are a little expensive, but as students at the studio we can also participate in any of their Newcomer classes and their Friday dances. We figured that we get twice for our money if we go to at least one Newcomer class for each private lesson, plus the occasional Friday dance party.

Where do books fit in to this? Well, they don't ... exactly. Read on ...

Wednesday night we had our Young Adult meeting at church and we introduced a new format. This group has traditionally met every week and our numbers are so small that it was getting very difficult to do that. So, we changed the format. Now we'll be meeting twice a month. We decided that we'll be using one Wednesday to read and discuss a book and the other Wednesday to just have a social. Tonight we just had our organizational meeting. I had copies of the first book we're going to delve into as well as a list with descriptions of other books that I thought we could try. We had 11 people there tonight!! That's a good turnout for us. And, everyone there was excited about reading the books I have picked out. Our first book is Letters to Young Catholic by George Weigel. After tonight's meeting I feel more energized about YAACK than I have in a long time.

If anyone out there has book suggestions, let me know, leave a comment below. We are focusing on Catholic-based books, nonfiction and some fiction. I'm trying to get a variety of books, and nothing too heavily theological. I want things that will be educational and intellectually-stimulating, but not something that is going to be over our heads. I want to add some fiction in there as well to keep things interesting. I also think the occasional movie based on a book we've read or something Christian/Catholic related would be fun to liven things up. Anyway, I am open to suggestions, so please let me know if you've read something that we can add to our list.

That's it from here!! Two days more of work before the weekend!! I hope everyone has their St. Patrick's Day plans for Saturday!!

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