Thursday, March 08, 2007

Progress being made

Thursday is almost over and I am slowly making some progress on work this week. It's always hard to get back into the swing of things after being away for so long. Mostly I've been doing conference wrap-up stuff since I've been back in the office, but by tomorrow I hope to be back typing agendas and minutes for meetings, making budget requests for next year, doing committee work, and, oh yeah!, CATALOGING music materials. I love it when I can actually do the work I love the most, which seems to happen more and more infrequently these days.

Yesterday the photographer called and our engagement photos were in and ready for pick-up. I went right over after work (they look great!) and then took them to Chris' house. He has them now, but by doing that I got to see him again and he made dinner for me! :) That also meant that I got home late and didn't do any of the other things I wanted to do last night.

Tonight I have rehearsal. Our next concert is in May in the Opera House, which I always enjoy. I missed the first rehearsal of this cycle since I was in Pittsburgh, so I get to play the music tonight for the first time.

I'm also checking references on two wedding coordinators. I've met both and now I'm waiting to see what the refs say. Once that's done I can make a decision and then let that person handle all the last minute wedding details when the time comes! Yeah!!

Hope everyone has a nice night and a fun weekend! We have lots of stuff planned, but more on that later ...

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