Friday, March 16, 2007

Fish Fry Friday

I am now on vacation for a week!!

This week at work was great! No students around because it is spring break. It's quiet on campus, almost a little eerie. But the best part is not getting run over by students on cell phones when you try to walk across campus. Oh, and parking is great!! I can actually get to work at 9pm or later and still get a great spot. But that's over now. My parking permit goes back to being a hunting pass.

But I have another week before I have to deal with it. I decided to take a week of vacation, but not go anywhere! I'm looking forward to being able to catch up with things at home, do wedding stuff, and run errands when most people are at work. My mother, sister, and neice are coming to visit at the end of the week, too.

Tonight we had the Fish Fry at Church. We got there when it opened at 5pm and had dinner together. Then we took a short walk around the block the church is on before our meeting with Father Frank at 6pm. We had met with Father Paul about wedding stuff previously, but now that Father Frank is doing the wedding we needed to review everything. He also already knows us and we just reviewed what was required and we brought him up to speed on what we had already done so far. It was a nice meeting. He gave us the (157 question) survey that we need to individually (no cheating) fill out and return to him. Plus we had to sign an affadavit about being Catholic and raising our kids Catholic, etc. And we have a form for a witness to fill out, someone who has known us a very long time, that basically says that we are entering into this marriage of our own free will, etc., etc. We figure the matron-of-honor and the best man can each fill it out for us. Of course, we also got onto other topics with Father, such as YAACK and how things are going with that; he gave us other book suggestions and he was thrilled with the book we had chosen already, which he loved, had written a book review for in the past, and said he would love to read it again.

Actually, Father Paul called me at work today to inquire about YAACK's new format and to confirm another event with me. He also wants a copy of our chosen book and is thinking of trying to come to the first of our book discussions.

That was basically our evening. Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day!! Wear your green!!

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