Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Spring is here!! And it is HOT outside!

Spring is definitely here.

Several weeks ago, walking across campus there were not too many people out and about. Suddenly there are LOTS of people!!

I just walked from the main library to the credit union in the Student Center and there are so many people around! The sun is shining, people are playing Frisbee in whatever grassy spots they can find, music is blaring outside the classroom building, people are hanging on the walls outside the office tower, and people are laying in the grass catching a couple rays before their next class.

Almost everyone is now wearing shorts and flip-flops, girls are all wearing cap sleeve T's or sleeveless T's, and the warmth outside is so nice!! Spring is nice when it is like this; summer is what I don't care for too much, then it gets really hot!

But for now, there is a freshness in the air, everything seems more carefree, and the coldness is gone (even if perhaps temporarily). Hope you are also enjoying nice spring weather wherever you are!!

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  1. It is amazing how in the spring everyone comes out. I have noticed several students outside reading and enjoying the weather as well. I believe it is a lot different than what you see in the fall when the weather is similar, interesting phenomenon.

    I actually think it has been too hot this week for only being March. I like the true spring of mid-60 days and low-40 nights. I keep sweating in my apartment because I refuse to turn on the air and it is so warm outside. It also concerns me about what this summer is going to be. It makes me think about the summer that was 100+ all summer long. Thankfully, I did not experience that because I was in Australia, enjoying their winter of mid-60 days and low-40 nights.

    I think it is suppose to be back to a normal spring next week, granted I will be in Florida, where it is suppose to reach the mid-80s. Thats way too warm for March.