Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Crazy Monday

Monday's are always a little crazy for me. They usually begin at 4:30am with my alarm going off and my barely awake brain trying to reason staying in bed for just a little longer. This Monday was no different. 4:30 am is not the time to be debating just how fast I can get ready and still make it to church by 6am.

I wasn't very successful this time. By the time I pulled into the parking lot at church it was just after 6:00 and I noticed that my prayer partner's car was not in the parking lot!! So I hustled in as fast as I could so the poor people who had been there since 5:00am didn't start thinking that we weren't showing up. They are kind of used to me getting there a minute or two late, but ever since I finally got a prayer partner it hasn't been a problem. Not so much today.

The highlight of my Monday is spending that one hour of the morning before the Blessed Sacrament. To have that time to spend in the Real Presence of Christ is something I look forward to each week. When I tell people I have to be at Church every Monday morning at 6am, regardless of the weather, holidays, or whatever, they think I'm crazy. But who wouldn't sacrifice one hour of their time once a week to be in front of the Almighty!

The work day was good and I left around 4am to go do some errands. That's when the real craziness started.

First Babies 'R' Us. They could really organize that store better. When the registry lists an aisle number it would be nice if the item actually was in that aisle. And bottles! Oh my goodness!! How many different brands and kinds and sizes! I eventually left with the registry to take time to look it over, decide what I was going to get, and then come back later so I could be in and out. Yeah, right!

Next was a quick stop at Hallmark (I now have birthday cards for family members through March of next year!) and then to Meijer to print off some pictures from my flash drive.

I like the self-serve photo computer there. I went through all the steps and got my pictures loaded and ready to go. I noticed some were quite blurry but couldn't decide if they were actually blurry or if the computer I was using just wasn't showing me a great picture. I decided to go ahead and make the prints. Maybe my brain was still only half-awake! Well, ten minutes last my pictures finished and of course the blurry prints were indeed blurry.

Lesson learned: taking pictures off your Picasa account to print is not a good idea. In particular when you save a thumbnail! Maybe I never really did wake up on Monday?

So it was back to Babies 'R' Us. I finally found something and headed to the check-out. First I was asked if I had a rewards card, or something along those lines. I said no. Then she rings up a few items and says to me again, "did you say you had a rewards card or not?" No, I do not. So then she asks if I want one. No, I have no need for a rewards card, but I do want a gift receipt. (Isn't the fact that I handed her a registry and asked for a gift receipt enough to let her know that I'm not shopping for me!!??) Then she asks if I want something else (their credit card, or something?) so I can save 10% or whatever on my order. Uh, no, again, I don't have much need for anything from this store.

Seriously, I'm buying a gift! There was even a gift bag! I know you have no idea if I have kids or not, but how many times do I need to say no. I really had to bite my tongue to keep from being rude. I succeeded and she handed me my receipts and some coupons, letting me know when they will be good for use. Yeah, I really don't need those either. Guess what else the mom-to-be is getting from me? LOL!

Finally, all errands were done, called hubby to see where he was, and then headed to Chick-fil-A to meet him for dinner. Did you know Monday is kid's night at Chick-fil-A? I didn't. There was a giant cow there and lots and lots of children! I waited and waited! Hubby? Where are you?? He took a wrong turn at a confusing intersection, but he finally got there.

What a day! Mostly successful and long. I went home with the hope of catching up on email and Facebook and doing some Cursillo stuff only to find that we had no Internet. By the time we got it back it was 9:30. It ended up being a long night!

Today, I'm going back to Meijer to try to prints my pictures again. This time I saved them from the original source!! At least I learned something from my crazy Monday!

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