Thursday, August 19, 2010

God's Blessings in the Every Day

Do you ever wonder at some of the blessings you receive in your life? For me these are usually the big things. My husband, my job, my faith, a roof over my head, my wonderful family, etc. But there are so many other things too. Every day there are blessings bestowed on us that we don't even recognize as such! Lately I've been trying to focus more on those little things. Where are the little blessings in your life?

For the past several weeks I've been trying to post at the end of the week with the blessings I've received that week. Or, where I have been unable to recognize a blessings, at least mention some sort of good news or other accomplishment of the week. That's what this post is as well, but I'm trying to find those small things this time.

So what were the small blessings in my life this week?
  • On another blog that I follow, the author offered to pray for any of her readers and asked for intentions in the comments of her post. So I posted. She then sent me the sweetest email and offered to do a novena with me. I was so touched and got all teared up when I read her message. How amazing that someone who is pretty much a stranger would do such a thing!! This was truly a blessing this week. (I'm tearing up just thinking about it!)
  • We had a day of cool temperatures this week. It was amazing! I love how God gives us these little breaks from the heat. And I appreciated it so much more than usual probably because one of our A/Cs had been out for several days. It hadn't just been hot outside, but also inside! Loved that foretaste of the Fall weather to come!
  • I participate (mostly as a reader, but occasionally as a poster) in an online Catholic Moms forum. I've started posting a weekly thread there for everyone to share their good news or blessings of the week. It has been so great to see all the positive things going on in other people's lives and to celebrate those things together!! For me, starting that post each week has, in and of itself, become a blessing for me. It's so uplifting and been so helpful to me as I struggle to understand God's plan for my life.

So those are the little blessings. I've had some other good news this week as well, the biggest one being that as of Monday I am now about 12 pounds less from where I was in mid-June (and finally wearing some clothes I hadn't touched in way over a year)! The other two things were getting the A/C fixed and learning that what we thought were termites were actually thief ants. Yes, there is such a thing as thief ants (and I've been reflecting on that concept and may have something more to say on it soon--stay tuned!).

Let me here from you! What are your small blessings this week? Or big ones! I'll take anything. Post using the comments link below. (If you comment on Facebook, add your comment here as well for all those who aren't friends of mine on FB, we want to be able to share our blessings with everyone!)

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