Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Joys of Home Ownership

When I was single I liked living in an apartment. I had no desire to own a house. If something happened, a fix was only a phone call away. Why would I need to buy a house?

After working for about 4 years I was finally convinced that I should take the plunge. I wasn't overly excited about it, but felt that it was a worthwhile financial investment. Otherwise, I would have been more than happy to stay in an apartment. In looking for a house, I stayed as close to apartment living as possible and looked only at condos or townhomes. And the requirement for the townhome option was that the association had to be responsible for outside yard maintenance, not the individual home owners (i.e. me). My realtor could probably vouch for that fact that my first question at every townhouse we saw was, "Who is responsible for the outside maintenance?"

As I told my husband when we got married: I don't do yard work.

So I bought a townhouse and I was happy with it. I also bought new construction, so I wouldn't have to deal with things breaking or falling apart too soon. Ease into home ownership, that was my philosophy.

Fast forward to now. I'm married and living in the house hubby bought when he moved to our current city (before we met) and my old townhouse is now sold and gone. Just in the last couple weeks we have been dealing with several house issues.

First one of the A/C units stopped working. This particular unit had some problems earlier this summer; someone came out and did a fix then but told us that there could be a larger problem. Yeah, there was. We called again and they came back and fixed it and now we have cool air again for our downstairs.

The same weekend that the A/C was out hubby thought he found termites. They certainly looked like them to me too. The day after the A/C got fixed the "bug lady" came to take a look. Turns out they weren't termites but were thief ants. So okay, we can put down some ant repellent, but otherwise, nothing to be worried about.

In the meantime hubby is battling the rabbits. He fixed a broken section of the fence, fixed the gate of the fence (mostly so I could actually open the gate!), and used some bricks to seal up another hole in the fence. The rabbit is still getting in. I told him to not bother for now because there are also baby rabbits in the yard. That Momma rabbit will find a way in as long as those babies are here. Sure enough he discovered where she has been gnawing away at a section of fence in order to get in. So he's conceded for now, but he'll seal up that fence one way or another once those baby bunnies grow up and move out.

Recently we made a list of all the things that need fixing before we get around to selling this house (hopefully, please, next summer!!). First on the list was figuring out why we have some water damage on a wall next to the fireplace. Hubby had me standing outside today with a hose pointing at the chimney while he was in the attic to see if water was coming in.

I stood there with the hose aimed at where he told me to aim it, the wind blowing the water back at me, and hubby calling me on my cell phone to give me further instructions. I kept thinking about how I never wanted to be a home owner. You don't have to do crazy things like this when you don't own a house. (For those who know my on Facebook, you now know why I posted the crazy comment today! LOL!)

After having both the A/C people and an exterminator visit just last week, we'll now be calling a roofing person as well. Who's next?

Do you think I can convince hubby to look into condo living?? No, I know, not likely.

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