Friday, August 27, 2010

7 Quick Takes: Trying Something New

It's time for a new adventure. I've decided to join in on the "7 Quick Takes" hosted at Hopefully I'll get to check out some new blogs and meet some other bloggers!


Since we're talking about new adventures, I just recently volunteered for a committee at work. It's that time of year when new appointments are made and although I am still currently chairing a committee, I decided to go ahead and volunteer for a second one. Also, my chairmanship of the first committee is winding down (one more year), so might as well go ahead and start something new. I also think this particular committee may even give me a little more writing experience. I don't know when we'll actually hear about appointments, so it may not even work out. We'll just have to wait and see.


I'm currently working on a "witness" I am giving next week to my Cursillo community. I'm not nervous ... yet. I probably won't get nervous until I actually get there. In the meantime I'm trying to narrow down what I'm going to talk about. How much background to give? What's too much, what's not? Where are details important, where are they not? How much to talk about pregnancy loss? I'm torn between writing something out and just making notes of key points and talking from there. The first option would keep me within my time frame, the second leaves open the possibility of running too long. I only have 15-20 minutes!!


Something was different this week. Not quite sure what. The week went by quickly at work and I got a lot done. I think it's been a while since that happened. Like maybe March of 2008--prior to losing our first pregnancy. I can't quite say what's different, but I do like feeling productive and seeing things move out of my office more quickly. Now, if I can just get that productivity to carry over at home.


Explosion of glass!! Tonight after dinner I curled up in my "prayer chair" in the living room to start catching up on blogs, news, and email (okay, so it's not just a prayer chair, but you have to admit it's a catchy phrase!) while hubby started work on making an Apple Crisp, something he's been talking about doing all week! Suddenly I hear the sound of glass: first a little clinking, then a bit louder, then a "glass juggling" sound, before finally ... CRASH!! It literally sounded like an explosion. Sure enough bits of glass were spread over the kitchen floor and into the dining room, the family room, and the front hall. Two small, one-cup glass bowls broke, the other four survived. I was just so amazed at how far the glass spread! It really was kind of an explosion!


Another new adventure is starting in my life, but I'm still not quite sure what it is. One Sunday a few weeks ago, the rector's column in the Sunday bulletin intrigued me. He was talking about building a better relationship with God and going on a journey together ... or something along those lines. I emailed him to ask about it and he just asked if I was curious enough to attend a get-together to learn more. So I said OK. This week I finally got an email and the group is starting to form. Looks like about 15 people, we now have a Google Group, a name (Companions on the Journey), and a meeting scheduled for late September. Do I know what exactly this is? No. But hey, while I'm trying new things, might as well add this to the list, right?


Students are back!! The parking garage I park is now fuller than before. Walking across campus now includes the "dodge-the-texting-students-who-don't-look-where-they-are-going" game. Things are busier overall. I like the quiet, serene campus of the summer. But I do like the life infused campus as well. Fall is here!


My prayer intentions lately have all revolved around life. I'm praying for a friend going through a very difficult pregnancy; for other friends and family who are pregnant; for all those I know who are hoping to be pregnant one day and those who are waiting on adoptions to come through for them; for all women who are pregnant and considering abortion that they will hear what they need to hear to give their baby life; and I am praying that I too will get pregnant one day and be able to carry a pregnancy to term. So much to pray for!!

Thank you for stopping by! I hope to make this is a regular thing and I look forward to checking out some new blogs through more Quick Takes posts.


  1. I enjoyed reading this post and this format a lot! How did the glass break?

  2. I think it slipped out of Chris' hands. He was trying to take one of the stack of them which sit on a top shelf in hte cabinet. He told me later that the four that hit the granite countertop were fine, it was the two that fell and hit the tile floor. Tile floor is not forgiving!! The next day I knowed the Publix pig magnet off the fridge and he hit the tile floor as well. His fork and knife are now broken. :(