Thursday, May 24, 2007

Wedding Update

Great news!! The dresses have all arrived!!!

The bridal store called while I was in Columbus. The bridesmaids dresses are here and my dress is here. My mother and sister went to the store on Tuesday and picked up the bridesmaids dresses. Mine is staying there for when I do the alterations, plus they will store it there and press it and clean it between the Bridal Portrait and the actual wedding. But they did see it and take pictures which they sent me. Sorry, won't be posting those here.

The dress is beautiful though! I am so excited. We had one modification done (there was a part of the dress in olive green color which we had the designer change to Ivory) and I was so happy to see it all in the same color. My sister said that several people at the store were looking forward to seeing my dress too because they had never seen it all in the ivory. Everyone thought it was beautiful. The pictures, I'm sure, don't do it justice. I can't wait to see it in person when I go down at the end of June.

My sister also tried on her bridesmaid dress and sent me pictures of her in it. It looks great on her and I love the color!! I can't wait to see how beautiful all my bridesmaids look together!!

Currently I'm working on the photo list for the day. Thankfully I have my sister's list from her wedding and it is wonderfully detailed!! So I'm using it as a basis to make sure I get everything set up well and I don't miss any picture moments. Thank goodness she got married before me, her organization of all her wedding stuff has been a tremendous help! Thanks sis!!!

Actually, overall everything has been going pretty smoothly and I haven't been under too much stress at all. Thank goodness, I don't know that I'd be able to handle it if it was overly stressful in addition to everything else I have to do.

I'm so glad the dresses are all here!! That's one thing somewhat off the list. Next will be alterations. I can't wait to see my dress and try it on again!! Just one month and I'll be down there!!

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  1. Oh how exciting. I cannot wait to see them all.