Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Dancing all Night ... sort of

We went to a group dance class tonight and our private lesson. In group class we did the rumba, which we both already know, but we learned a few new moves with it. In our private lesson we reviewed swing, learned a new move for it and reviewed rumba and added a new move to it too.

I think I got my exercise tonight!

In other news: my future sister-in-law got engaged this past weekend!! Yeah!! Congratulations to them!!

Finally, my Newsletter is done and ready for me to come pick up. Woohoo!! So before work I'll be going to the printer tomorrow morning then heading for the post office to buy the 10 cent stamps I need. I am hoping to have it ready for mailing so I can bring it to the bulk mail office on Friday. I am determined to get this done before the price hike. Mostly just because the forms are all going to change and I don't have time to figure out new forms before these need to be mailed. The next Newsletter gets mailed in mid-August, so I can worry about it then.

That's it from here!

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