Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Building Excitement!!

Things continue to keep building and it's exciting!!

Last Friday we met again with the priest who will be marrying us. We spent the hour talking about the readings we had picked out for the Mass and about the other things we were going to do during the Mass. It was a fun discussion because he was very impressed with our choices. We were very deliberate in our choices too. We spent time reading all of the choices, discussing them, and deciding what we liked best for who we were. We also looked at what readings were the most commonly chosen ones and we didn't choose those. But we also looked at the theme between all three readings. Marriage of course was an underlying theme, but we went a little deeper than that and chose readings that talked about prayer quite a bit too.

Father loved our choices and said he could tell we had spent time on this. Many of our choices were things he said he's never known anyone else to choose, which he found exciting. In the back of my head though I kind of wondered just how many weddings he's done. He's been a priest for almost two years now, so I know's he's done several, but it's not like he's been a priest for 10-15 or more years. Anyway, it was still fun talking with him about it. He said so many people pick the same readings that his homilies all start sounding the same. I told him that we were going to make him work for our wedding!! He laughed!!

He also gave us a gift. He was talking about this book, telling us how great it is, and he wanted us to go get a copy. Then he suddenly gave us his copy, he insisted that he could get another and that it was his gift to us. The book is called Enchiridion on the Family: a compendium of Church teaching on family and life issues from Vatican II to the Present. It's a small but very thick book. It contains all the letters, encyclicals, speeches, papers from meetings, other documents, etc. on all sorts of family things. Not including the index, there are 1310 pages in this little book. But it looks very interesting. Not a book to sit down and read, but a good reference book to keep around.

Also building up to the wedding, the invitations came in!! I was so excited to get the call!! I went right over and got them. They look great! In addition to the invitations I also recently got our engraved toasting glasses, the cake topper, engraved cake knife and the other utensil that goes with it, and our guest "book." My sister gave us the pen she had with her guest book, so we didn't have to buy one of those. I'm so excited to have these things. It was so fun to get the package when it arrived!!

My house is starting to fill up with boxes containing wedding things. Just when I'm trying to get rid of things (I brought about five bags of clothes to Goodwill the other day! My closet looks great!). But the wedding things are good to have, one less thing to worry about and a constant reminder of what's coming up! I love it!!

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