Saturday, May 19, 2007

Three New Priests for Lexington!!!

Today was a wonderful day for the Diocese of Lexington!! We had three new priests ordained this morning during an Ordination Mass that lasted two and a half hours!!

We are definitely blessed to have three men brought into the priesthood today. One of the three was a member of the same Young Adult group that I am now involved with. He is such a wonderful person and I am so excited for him. He emailed me last week to invite the group to the ordination and he sounded so excited in his email. At the end of the Mass the Bishop also announced where the three of them were going to be placed. I'm happy to report that Father Chris Clay will be an associate at Christ the King!! It'll be wonderful to have him at the cathedral!

The Mass was packed. Chris reminded me that ordaining three men at once was like having three weddings at the same time. It was a beautiful ceremony, the music was great, and the Mass was amazing. All the priests (or a good number of them) from the diocese were there, plus some priests representing the two seminaries where the three of them had studied. Plus there were a lot of other religious men and women in the congregation. There was a nun that sat down next to Chris and I, plus we saw several others, including some Sisters of Charity, during the reception afterwards.

We also saw a ton of people we knew. We saw several other former and current members from our young adult group, the DJ for our wedding was there, the couple that taught our NFP class was there, plus we talked briefly to Father Paul and Father Frank, and we did manage to catch Father Chris just after Mass to congratulate him and give him a quick hug. He got swamped after that, so we figured we'd probably just have to catch him again later.

It was a wonderful way to start the day. It is so wonderful to have three new priests ordained in one year. We also have two men being ordained to the deaconate in a couple weeks, so we'll have two new priests next year. I believe we also have another 10 or so young men in seminary, so the next several years will be wondeful around here!

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