Saturday, May 19, 2007

My Trip, Part 1: Bowling Green

I got back from Bowling Green, KY last night (Friday). I brought my laptop, but couldn't get an Internet connection in my hotel room. What a bummer!!

I left Wednesday night and drove to Bardstown. I stayed the night there with Chris' family. It was nice to visit with them for a little while. I left early Thursday morning, around 8am ET, and got to Bowling Green around 8:45 CT. It took a bit over an hour and a half, not too bad.

The conference itself was okay. Some of the better presentations I went to were the non-library specific topics. But I did get some ideas from a presentation on cataloging electronic these and dissertations that I could use for a joint-project between my unit and the Archives/Special Collections area. There is a lot of programming involved, which may be a problem since our IT division already has its hands full. They also fed us well and it was fun to talk to librarians from other insitutions that I know. I saw the head of technical services from Wright State, who is also a music cataloger, talked to him a little; also saw an art cataloger from Cleveland that I knew from another organization I was once in, so I got a chance to catch up with her. I also met someone that goes to my church, that was pretty funny.

I also got to talking to some of my colleagues and I mentioned that I needed to start thinking about doing a presentation again. I've done some small things in the last year, but if I want to go up for my next promotion in the first year I'm eligable (which is still several years off), then I need to continue doing something. They all thought of a great presentation topic on management that I think I could really do something with. I wrote it down along with three or four goood points. Now I need to start thinking about what kind of conference I could present this at, plus when. The "when" is going to be more and more important as I start having to take a potential family into consideration. Maybe I can do this for the state conference and then try to write it up into an article for a library management journal. Writing is good, doesn't require traveling!!

The conference ended on Friday with a presentation on Second Life. I'm not getting into what Second Life is. It seems like a waste of time; I have enough to think about in Real Life. Everything was done by just after noon. I grabbed lunch and then headed home, getting here about 4:30. Friday night Chris and I and two friends went to dinner and then went to play miniature golf. We played one course. This is a Christian miniature golf course with three different courses: Old Testament, New Testament, and Miracles. We played the Old Testament course. I came in last; however, I did manage to get my ball in at the Mt. Sinai hole under par!! I was the only one to do that.

Next trip: Columbus, OH. I'll be in touch later with more about that. Have a great weekend!!

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