Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Two Busy/Fun Nights

We have been busy, busy, but having tons of fun!!

Tuesday evening (after another great dinner at Chris' house!) we went off to another dance lesson. Last time we learned the basics of waltz and rumba. Last night we did Foxtrot and Swing. Chris liked Swing a lot! Our instructor called it the lazy man's dance, because the guy doesn't do a whole lot. Chris says that he likes it because he can fling me around some and not do a whole lot himself. After we got home we practiced all four dances some in his empty living room. We're thinking that it'll be a good idea to leave that room empty for now, it makes a great practice space for us.

Wednesday (tonight) was our church young adult group meeting. We have recently revised how this group functions and the new format has attracted a lot more people. We are meeting less frequently and we are reading a book now instead. So we get together once a month to have a book discussion on whatever the book is at the time and then we meet once a month for dinner. So tonight was the first book discussion night. We discussed the first 5 chapters of Letters to a Young Catholic. It's listed in the sidebar under books I'm currently reading. We had a really good discussion. And Fr. Paul joined us and had read the book as well. It was nice having him there because some people had questions about parts of the book that he was able to answer or expand on. Also, he invited us over to the priest's condo after the meeting for some social time and he ordered some pizza's and had a few other snacks around for us. It was nice to sit and visit and I got to talk to some of the other girls a bit more and get to know them. Overall it was a fun and enjoyable evening.

So we have had some busy evenings recently, but enjoyed them immensely. We have a fun weekend planned, I think. More on that later, but it involves some shopping (not for me this time) and an outing to the theater!!

Hope everyone has a great rest of the week!! Take care and may God bless you in all that you do!

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