Monday, April 23, 2007

Our Group Dance Class

We went to the Arthur Murray studio tonight for a group class. The studio offers group classes at various levels. We went to the Newcomer class, of course.

Tonight was the 2-step. They line all the guys up on one side and the girls on the other. The instructor shows the guys their step, then the girls. We practice a little and then pair up. The girls keep rotating partners as we progress.

It's fun because you get to dance with a variety of partners, some of who really know what they are doing and others are beginners like us. But the Newcomer class does keep things basic.

Surprisingly we learned 5 different moves in 45 minutes!! Don't know that I'll remember them, but I did try to review them when I got home. Chris mentioned having some country music at our wedding reception so we can dance the 2-step. I had previously nixed any mention of country music, but I might be persuaded. Sharon will like that, too!

We may try to get to the studio early tomorrow and practice some of our new moves before our private lesson. That may depend on how crowded the floor is when we get there. So we'll see.

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