Monday, April 16, 2007

Semi-relaxing Sunday

Sunday was a relaxing day for us. I said semi-relaxing above, but it was more laid back than not.

After church we had breakfast at Chris house and then we headed back to the mall to return the sport coat we had bought the day before. The more we looked at it the more we decided that it was too big for him. Stores don't carry too many, if any, of the coats that are more his size, and those they do have are all too short in the sleeves. So he's going to wear a suit on Wednesday and we'll buy and have altered a sport coat at a later time. Every guy should own a nice sport coat, and I think it would be nice for him to wear at the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner in October.

So once we got back from the mall, we decided to go to my house for the rest fo the afternoon. We took a trip to the grocery store, made dinner, and then spent the evening reading the paper and talking and I got a chance to make lunches for the week and straighten out a few things. It was so nice to be at my house for once. I think we decided that Sunday's at my house are much more convenient for me and it'll be nice for me to plan and cook (with Chris' help) dinner every once and a while.

Any suggestions for what I can make next Sunday? Have a good week!!

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