Saturday, April 14, 2007

Shopping Day

Today was shopping day!! Chris came over this morning for breakfast (he made and brought blueberry muffins) and we had a relaxing breakfast together before heading out to the mall.

Chris is going to Keeneland on Wednesday and he has a ticket to be in the Phoenix Room. That means he also has a dress code: suit or sport coat. So we went to get him a sport coat. I bought it for him on my Macy's card and we saved so much!! The coat was on sale for 40% off AND I got an extra 10% off with my card. Definitely a deal, which is why I went with him.

Before leaving the mall I left Chris to wonder through William Sonoma while I went to use the Vistoria's Secret gift card I had gotten for Christmas. I also had a coupon too, so I managed to save additional money there too.

We then headed to Men's Warehouse to talk wedding tuxes. I think we picked out some nice tuxes. They are black with a little bit of satin lining along the lapel and pockets. It's really nice. All the shirts are ivory with a pointed collar and we picked the Euro tie for all 7 tuxes. We went with a plain ivory vest and tie for Chris (because my dress is ivory), the four groomsmen will have this beautiful Burgundy vest and tie that will go great with the bridesmaids dresses. For the dads the woman we were working with suggested that we do black. Her explanation for why sold me, so we went with a black vest and tie that has the same pattern as the burgundy vest and tie that the groomsmen will be wearing. Our dads will look snazzy!! Actually everyone will look snazzy in these tuxes! I can't wait to see them all. Men look so great when they are all dressed up.

Our morning together ended with a stop at a music store for a thumb rest cushion for my clarinet and then lunch. Chris dropped me off after lunch and I spent this afternoon practicing. Today has been rainy, grey, and on the cold side. A good day to stay in. I'm getting ready to head over to Chris' house soon. We're having dinner and then going to Versailles to see Footloose at the Woodford County Theater. Two friends of mine are in the production and I like going to this theater. It's actually one of the better theaters in this area. I'm looking forward to it.

Have to run. I hope everyone has fun plans for this evening!! Have a great night!!


  1. Very productive Saturday. I wish mine was half as productive as yours was today.

    Totally agree that men look great when all dressed up especially in tuxes.

    Hope you enjoyed the production. Soon to come on my site my Opera experience last night. You still have to come up and see an Opera with me. You only have a year left.

  2. We were just talking about opera the other day!! I got the summer opera season from Cincinnati in the mail the other day and the line-up looks great. We'll have to compare notes later.