Monday, April 02, 2007

The Chocolate is Gone

Just after Christmas Chris gave me a gift: about 10-12 (I don't remember how many exactly) pieces of Godiva chocolates. Mmmm Mmm! There were two different kinds, but both were dark chocolate with raspberry and dark chocolate ganache inside. They were great. And Godiva chocolates are too good to eat quickly. Chris was amazed that I had them around for so long.

But no longer. I ate the last two pieces today after I got back from our walk at the Arboretum. They definitely hit the spot after a long walk.

The upside to this? Is there an upside to this, you ask? Yes, there's always an upside! This weekend is Easter! I wonder if we'll be visited by the Easter bunny??

Hope the Easter bunny comes to visit you! I'll let you know if we spot him (or her?) up here. :)

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