Monday, April 09, 2007

Happy Easter!!

Happy Easter to everyone!! I hope everyone had a very blessed holiday. Our's was nice. We spent the majority of the day in Bardstown, where we went to Mass and had dinner with Chris' family. It was a very relaxing day overall and it is always fun to visit with family.

The whole weekend was relaxing actually. Friday (Good Friday) it snowed and by 5pm was accumulating on the ground. We spent most of Friday night going through the Mass readings and a few of the prayers for our wedding Mass. There were 10 different Old Testament readings to choose from and 13 New Testament readings. We also read through the marriage ceremony options and chose some of those. It was a lot of reading. Plus, all the Mass readings had commentary with it that we read through together as well.

Saturday (after I spent some time cleaning and shopping) Chris and I had dinner together and then watched The Nativity. It was a good movie; a little out of season of course, but still good. I cried a lot, no surprise to anyone who has ever watched any kind of movie with me.

Sunday was Easter! A day of joy! Like I said above we went to Bardstown. We also got each other Easter baskets!! Actually, mine was technically from the Easter "Hunny." Isn't Chris cute!?! We had a big dinner around 2pm so when we got back to Lexington around 7 or so we decided to just to have some popcorn for an evening snack.

Also after we were home, we read through the 10 Gospel readings and the rest of the marriage ceremony options, Eucharistic prayers, and other Mass prayers and blessings. We still have a few questions for the priest and we want to write some of our own Prayers of the Faithful, but we have most everything else picked out ... we think, we hope.

So that was our Easter weekend. I hope it was a wonderful Easter for everyone. I also pray that it is a joyous Easter season for everyone over the next 6 weeks or so. I'm going to get to play at church again during the Easter season. The choir has asked me to play the instrumental part to a piece they are singing during the Preparation of the Gifts at Mass in two weeks. I'm looking forward to playing in church again. I've also been asked to play the 2nd movement of the Mozart clarinet concerto as a prelude one Sunday, but that takes a lot more work (not to mention working up my embouchure muscles quite a bit more). It'll probably be Ordinary Time again before I'll be able to play that piece!

Take care and have a good week!!

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