Friday, April 27, 2007

My Week

This week got very busy!!

We had our dance lesson on Tuesday and I think we are starting to feel overwhelmed. Too many new things all at once! Chris is starting to worry that he won't be able to remember it all. I think it might help us to just quiz each other on what the steps are whenever we think about it. Waltz: one, side, together; Rumba: slow, quick, quick; Swing: slow, slow, quick, quick; etc., etc.

Wednesday evening I had my Faith Formation Committee meeting at church. It was actually a very interesting meeting. We had a guest come speak, the guy with the diocese who is in charge of education or something. He talked about some current discussions and a task force he is heading up on the Sacrament of Confirmation. He also helped dispel some rumors that the diocese was considering "Restored Order" for the sacraments. Apparently the Bishop is not interested in that and of the 32 diocese in the country who have tried it 9 have gone back to current order and several others are only experimenting with it in just a few of their parishes. Besides that, the whole discussion of confirmation was enlightening (I even learned a few things), and we also discussed plans for Adult Education, in-service opportunities we have coming up, and a new program the Bishop is pushing called "Why Catholic?".

The rest of the week has been pretty normal, nothing exciting. Rehearsal on Thursday night (concert is coming up fast!) and tonight we have a meeting with Father Frank about marriage stuff. I actually don't have a clue what we are meeting about this time (results of the survey, readings for the mass, pre-marriage counseling), but I'm sure he'll tell us when we get there.

Monday I start putting together the next issue of the Newsletter I am responsible for publishing for the Music OCLC Users Group. The June issue is always the largest one; last year's was tremendous and the printing and bulk mailing bills reflected that! I hope to streamline it a little this time, but I have to talk to someone at the Library of Congress first. LC's report is what makes it overly big; I hope to change that.

But before I have to deal with that, I am going to enjoy my weekend. I hope you do too! Enjoy the little video clip I also posted today (see below). It makes for nice Friday humor!

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