Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Only a few days left

Hi all! Today was our Holiday party at work. Lots and lots of food and a good time had by all. I am completely stuffed!

I also finished my Christmas shopping today!! Finally done and I didn't do any of it online this year which amazes me! Now just have to wrap everything, but at least that can be done at home. I can avoid all the stores now.

I've been enjoying getting Christmas cards from everyone!! I'm starting mine tonight. I'm a little behind, but I haven't forgotten.

Wedding update: a DJ is now booked, I started looking for wedding dresses, and I'm starting to investigate photographers. The church and priest, reception, and the Marriage Prep class are already on the calendar. Oh, and I got the info on the other class we have to take as well: God's Plan for a Joy-filled Marriage. Looking at the schedule is may be June (possibly July) before we can take that. Everything is slowly coming together.

Hope everyone enjoys their last few days of work. If you're already done working for the year ... well, good for you. :) It's back to work for me: 2007 projects list for my unit, my 2006 evaluation and my 2007 goals await. Ugh!

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