Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Friday's Presentation

Friday of this week, December 8, I am speaking at a state conference. It's not far away, thank goodness, just about 30 minutes north in Georgetown, KY. I went to this conference once and decided there was no reason for me to ever go back.

However, I was invited to speak and I do need to keep my CV up for that last promotion in about 5 years, so I agreed. It's nice to be invited to speak at a conference. It makes you feel important even if you aren't. I think they just needed to fill out the program and they asked me to do something.

So I have a two-hour time slot in which I am running a session called "Cataloging in a Changing Environment." I am going to speak for an hour about developments in the field and then open the last hour up for general discussion. We'll also take a ten minute (maybe 15 minute) break in between. Anything to eat up those two hours!

Wish me luck!!

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  1. Good luck and say hi to good O' Georgetown for me.