Tuesday, December 12, 2006

New Computers and all that jazz

Monday at work my library got new computers for all the staff. I now have a 19-inch flat screen and a very tiny computer box. We've also reverted to only having USB ports and a DVD-Rom/CD-RW drive. No floppy of zip drive to speak of!

The computer is very small and takes up much less space on my desk. Unfortunately, that means you can now see all the dust that had accumulated around the old computer. Now I am just trying to get used to the new mouse, which doesn't seem to be shaped well for small hands. I may be having tendenitis issues again if I'm not careful. Thankfully I found out today that they have a bunch of old mouses and i can get one of those if necessary. I want to give it a little time before I do that, but I'm keepign that as an option.

In other news: I almost ended up with a trip to Quebec City in early February this coming year. The organization that I am the Secretary/Newsletter Editor for was considering sending a rep to an international meeting taking place up there and I was the only one on the board with the potential of going. Fortunately we decided that the program wasn't that important and we could wait for the May meeting, in Columbus, OH. At least with Columbus I can drive and it'll be cheaper for the organization. Although Quebec seems like a cool place to visit, I'm not sure that early February would be the best time.

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