Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Last Teaching Class Done!!

I am back in my office and my students are upstairs in the classroom filling out course evaluation forms. Tonight was our last class meeting before the final exam!!


The only thing left is to administer the test and then grade it. I am so excited to be done! It has been a long fifteen weeks.

Now I just need to worry about my presentation for Friday. Ugh! I think I'll enjoy tonight and worry about that tomorrow. Good night all!!


  1. Enjoy tonight! You deserve it. Even if you are the one making lives hard for poor students. :-)

  2. Oh please!! I'm not making lives hard for students, it's the course material itself!

    But my final exame is actually very easy, they should all be pleasantly surprised!

  3. I know. I really haven't minded the end of the semester for the most part. I just enjoy giving my professor friends a hard time since I am sitting on the other side at the moment.