Thursday, December 21, 2006

Done for the Week!!

I am done with work for this week!! Yay!!

Today was a long day, but it started with a wonderful surprise: an early morning phone call from Chris wanted to meet me for lunch!! That was a fun thing to look forward to!

I spent the majority of today working on my Faculty Performance Review form. This is a new form for us this year and we are required to do a self-evaluation as part of it. It took my all afternoon. It was a lot of work, but luckily I did not experience all the problems everyone else seemed to: the form locking up on them, or being unable to open sections, it not allowing them to type in certain areas, or do cut and paste. I was able to do all this. I could see how some people could have run into this problem, but maybe I have enough experience with Excel spreadsheets that I knew how to fix what I thought were minor problems.

Anyway, it is done!! Thank goodness.

Tonight: finishing wrapping Christmas gifts; buy tissue paper; laundry and pack.

I leave Saturday for Atlanta. Friday will be spent cleaning, taking Jake to the vet for one last shot, and probably running errands (unless I can avoid that). Tomorrow night Chris and I are doing our Christmas!! (Okay, so Advent isn't over yet, but we won't see each other on Christmas day, so we're doing it now.)

Merry Christmas to everyone! May you all be blessed this Christmas season and for all of 2007.

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