Monday, December 11, 2006

Busy Weekend

Well, it was a very busy weekend.

Friday I went to Georgetown for a day-long meeting and gave my presentation during the afternoon session. There were three afternoon sessions and mine was the one with the largest registered attendance. It was cool to be the presenter in the "Big Room" while the other two sessions went off to smaller rooms after lunch. Also, I was talking to some librarians from other institutions before we started and they were commenting on how they like going to presentations I have done in the past. One remembered a presentation I gave at a national meeting when I was still kind of a newbie librarian and the other said I was great at a pre-conference workshop I ran a few years ago and she recommended me to others as a great presenter. Hearing comments like that certainly made it easy to give my presentation.

The presentation was two hours on the topic of cataloging in a changing environment. Basically I spent an hour discussing where we've been, the impact of our past on us today, and then gave a snapshot of the multitude of things we are seeing today. I even mentioned blogs and was surprised at how few people really used blogs beyond reading a few every now and then.

The rest of Friday we met with the DJ for our wedding and firmed things up with him. Then we went and grabbed a quick dinner before heading to Church for Mass. We were so worried about getting to Church on time that we actually got there 30 minutes early. So we talked with the organist some (discussed a few wedding ceremony pieces) and then headed for the pews. Friday was a Holy Day of Obligation: the feast of the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary.

Saturday was a dress rehearsal, which was exhausting! Sunday the concert was at 7:30pm. We usually do 3pm performances, but it looks like we are going to try the later start time for our December concert for a while. It was very late getting out of there. Concert program: Festive Overture (Shostakovich), Salvation is Created (Tschechnkov-or something like that), March of the Three Oranges (Prokofiev), Russlan und Ludmilla Overture (Glinka), Dance of the Jesters (Tchaikovsky), Nutcracker Suite, 4 movements (Tchaikovsky), Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas with Sax solo, Pictures at an Exhibition, 2 movements (Mussorsgy, yes, spelling is wrong here too), and the encore (like every December concert) Sleigh Ride. Anyone see a theme? The concert was titled To Russia with Love. It was an exhausting concert, especially for the clarinet section. On top of it, there were some solos that I had to do also.

That was about it for this weekend. I also made an appointment at a bridal shop in Covington, KY and will be taking two friends with me. That'll be next Saturday. So wedding plans are also slowly coming together.

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