Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Workshop Yesterday

Yesterdays workshop wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. It was primarily on goal setting with a focus on our customers and our stakeholders. Interesting concept to think of your own goals in your every day work as relating to the Presiden't Top 20 Business Plan, the goals of the Board of Trustees, or even those of the state government (they do afterall give us money to operate). We're used to thinking of our customers, but even then, they don't usually enter my mind when I'm thinking about my own goals. That seems silly now, why wouldn't they? But I guess we're used to focusing on ourselves.

The way we did goals was interesting. Not entirely a foreign concept, but some parts were new. I do feel like I learned something and will probably be thinking more along these lines when I set my goals for 2007. At the moment I guess I am stuck with my poorly constructed goals for 2006. We also talked about the evaluation interview between the employee and supervisor. I liked this discussion as well and it gave me some things to shoot for in my own evaluation discussion as well as those with the people who report to me.

One more workshop, dinner, and a class tonight and then I can go home. Thank goodness for the dog sitter! Blessing to everyone! -K

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