Saturday, September 16, 2006

The Pope's comments

I haven't yet read through the speech the Pope gave one day this past week that has caused so much press the last few days. I am planning on reading through it this weekend. (In all that free time I have, right?!) Here is a link to the full text of his speech .

However, I did find this nice commentary on the speech and I thought it was worth sharing.

If I have any insights (don't expect anything too deep) after I read it, I'll share those later.


  1. 'A nice commentary' - thanks!

    Ihope all this hubris leads to some meaningful dialog, or at least some progress...

  2. Thanks Steve, and thanks for linking to the full text of the speech. My boyfriend and I started reading it together on our drive out to visit his fmaily on Saturday evening. Still haven't gotten through it all, but I hope to soon.