Thursday, September 21, 2006

More Workshops, Classes,

Tuesday was Day two of the Workshop I was in on Monday; Wednesday I spent two hours meeting with department heads in my division and another hour after that meeting one-on-one with my associate dean; today I'll be in a class all day. Maybe I'll get some work done tomorrow?

Workshop Day 2 was for supervisors. We talked about goals again, but from the stand point of guiding your employees in making good goals and supporting them in future-forward thinking. I think I got more out of day 2 than day 1.

Today I am going to an all day class called "Leading Effective Teams." I have no idea how this class will be: could be good, could be a total waste of my time. Only time will tell.

Last night I led Bible Study at Church. We read the readings for this coming Sunday. The First reading and the Psalm are a nice pair I think. In the first reading, from Wisdom, we hear the wicked people talking about the downfall of the "just one," who is supposed to be Israel. Then in the Psalm we hear the prayer of the just one. I like the way the two go together. I also think I'm liking the book of James more and more. The last several weeks at Mass the second reading has been from James and I like what he has to say. This may also be because social justice issues have been slightly more on my mind lately. The Gospel, from Mark is the second time Jesus tells his disciples about the death he must suffer and the resurrection later. Mark has three instances of this in his Gospel, the first was last week, this week is the second. The third time isn't in the readings for this cycle. I like studying the upcoming readings each week because it makes the Mass more meaningful for me on Sunday. And I like then hearing the preist's homily after I have already studied it all myself. So I look forward to the homily this Sunday.

Have to run off to class now. Blessings to everyone!! -K

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