Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Help!! Retreat Ideas Needed

I am planning a retreat for a young adult group at my church. Attendees will be in their 20s and 30s, approximately; attendees are mostly single, but we do have some married folks that join us for parts of the retreat; and this is a Catholic group. I am still holding out hope that we can get a priest to join us for part of the retreat, so some of it will be directed by that person. So far that is not looking promising.

I am interested in hearing ideas from anyone that has been on retreats before and remembers something that they particularly enjoyed. We usually have a combination of discussions and talks along with activities and some meditative, quiet, alone time. Feedback from last year was that we might have had too many crafty activities, so I'm trying to find something different this time around.

I'm expecting attendance to be about 3-4 on the low end and up to 6-8 on the high end. A small group either way.

At the moment I'm leaning toward a theme on Mary, the Saints, and Heaven. But I'm open to any and all suggestions, Catholic themes and topics are preferred. Just leave suggestions in the comment box below. I look forward to seeing some.


  1. Caitlin11:51 AM

    Hey Kerri,
    Sorry I haven't called you--I don't remember ever checking out a book at UK but I suppose if it says I did, then I guess so!

    About the retreat, one of the retreats I went on we did the stations of the cross outside late at night all lit up by candle light, definitely an awesome experience. It's kinda a combo of quiet time, in a group setting.

    Also, maybe you could do an activity that relates to a saint in particular. Like, St. Francis--do something nature involved or whatever. Just a thought!!!

    Hope you're doing well!

    Your "little-ist" sister

  2. Good ideaas caitlin! I like the Stations of the Cross at night idea, though maybe this time we should do more of a walk around the pond and cabin instead of throught he woods :-)

    Picking a particular Saint is also a good idea because you can make the theme around that Saints particular life and strong beliefs.

    Too many craft projects (Chris and Chris) .. I only really remember one craft project besides the creation of your envelope. I think a nice craft project is always a good way to include some movement and exterior thinking. It makes some people think out of the box some a bit more than others. Our dear true engineering folks need to remember that it doesn't have to be perfect and overtime they will grow to enjoy them more :-) To make the envelope not seem as much like a project, we have in past had everyone decorate the other's envelope with something that makes you think of them.

    Normal retreats have been on the higher end of your predictions so I wouldn't discount having closer to 10 people. And if you move it, I may be able to come too :-)

  3. Thanks for both your suggestions. I like the stations of the cross idea, we'll have to consider that.

    Instead of craft projects I have found some games that involve movement, trusting others, and sharing experiences. So either we'll enjoy those or we'll go back to craft projects in the future.

    Robin we'd love it if you could come. Hopefully you're correct about the attendance, although Wednesday nights have gotten very small lately. Hopefully that's not an indication of overall attendance.

    Chris and I are discussing this Friday, hopefully we'll be able to advertise the theme after that. Plus I may be talking with Fr. Paul about this next week to get suggestions from him also.