Monday, September 25, 2006

Fall has begun!

My favorite time of year is Fall! I love the cooler temps, the fall colors we'll be seeing in a few weeks, and the freshness in the air. Most people get excited about the coming of Spring the way I get excited about Fall. With the small class I have this semester, I'm hoping to get out a little bit more this Fall than I've been able to the last few years.

Speaking of class: have I mentioned that I only have 7 students!! I graded their first major assignment on Sunday. What took me several hours over two days last year, only took me an hour and a half this time! It has been great.

The weather did clear up on Sunday. It's still cool, but that's fine with me. It was very cloudy Sunday night, but Chris and I went ahead and took a four mile walk out at the UK Arboretum. It was nice to go for a walk again; it's been a while.

Hope everyone has a great week. Mine has started off on a good foot and I hope that continues.

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