Friday, September 30, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday, vol. 27


My boys are 4 months old today!!  Here they are, aren't they cute!
Peter and Ethan


My parents are coming to visit this weekend.  Nanny and Papa haven't seen their grandsons since their baptism in July.  They have grown a lot!  I'm looking forward to the weekend because there will be many more extra hands to help out.


My next post on the Catholic Sistas blog went up this morning.  You can find it by clicking here.  I hope you'll like it.


I went by my church yesterday to check out the construction and possibly take some pictures.  No one was in the sanctuary at all, so I was able to walk around and take the pictures I wanted.  I got one of the new tabernacle:
Tabernacle construction on 9/29/2011
I also got a picture looking at the whole sanctuary.  You can't see the tabernacle in this picture because of the wall that currently separates the altar from the construction area.  But there is plastic sheeting all over the place.  You can definitely tell that construction is going on in this picture:
Cathedral of Christ the King, construction 9/29/2011


Before leaving I drove by the new rectory.  Windows are in and the walls all look like they are up.  No pictures of the rectory since it is at the corner of the church property and I just drove by it.  But I moved my car to the front of the church and got out to check out the Perpetual Adoration Chapel.  As a reminder, here's a picture from the groundbreaking:
Groundbreaking on frozen ground in January with ceremonial dirt brought in.

Now here is the same spot, from a bit further back:
Cathedral of Christ the King, St. Kevin Perpetual Adoration Chapel

I wish I could show you pictures of the new Baptistry, but I wasn't able to get into that area.  Actually, I didn't really want to attempt to get into where the Baptistry is since there were workers in that area.


Things at my job are going to be getting tough very soon.  One of my staff members is leaving, she's decided to change career paths.  I'm excited for her because she's excited, and I'm proud of her for making such a big change.  I wish her luck.  I've been down this road before: I'll have to make a case for filling the position, I'll have to fold some of that position's responsibilities into my work, and eventually I'll have to go through the whole advertising the job, reviewing applications, interviewing, and hiring.  Oh, and I'm going to be out of the office for six months beginning in January.  I can already feel the stress building!  But, I've been here before and survived.  We'll survive again.


Speaking of being out for six months ... I am referring to my sabbatical, which I have previously mentioned in this space.  I need some input from some creative people.  As part of my sabbatical, I want to keep a blog as a way to easily journal the work I'm doing in addition to having a place to link up relevant info or surveys I create or whatever else I think might be good to have a link to.  But I'm stuck on a title/name for the blog.  The project includes: working on a database of all the recital recordings from the university (cleaning it up, mostly), creating records from that database, creating templates for cataloging future recordings, some research on recital program requirements at other Schools of Music, and looking at some digital possibilities.  I want a professional sounding title, probably using Kentucky or University of Kentucky in the title (or subtitle) in some way, but also catchy.  Any creative ideas out there??

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  1. CUUUUUUUUTE! They are so sweet- 4 months is a great age....I hope you take tons of baby is almost 2.5 years old (sob.)