Friday, October 07, 2011

7 Quick Takes, vol. 28


So I just checked my blog and realized that I haven't posted anything since last Friday, also a Quick Takes post.  I apologize for being so slack with the blog.  I have lots of things in my head, but little time.  I'm sure you can guess why!


One of those ideas in my head is a post for my Parenting after Pregnancy Loss series.  Actually, I have several topics listed, but the first one is proving difficult.  It is started, so hopefully you'll be seeing it soon.


We had a nice weekend with my parents visiting.  They hadn't seen the boys since their baptism in July.  Obviously the boys have changed a lot.  While they were here, they took some pictures of the boys that my father then shared with his brothers once they got back home.  He sent me an email with a picture that one of his brothers put together from two pictures of each of the boys and a picture of my dad from sometime in the mid-50s (he looks like he's maybe 5 or 6 years old, I think).  What do you think?  Do the boys look like their Papa?

Ethan on left, my dad as a kid in the center, Peter on right.


We had a showing of the house!!  It was Tuesday, early evening.  We didn't get any feedback the next day, so we thought that was it.  But then I got an email Thursday with a brief comment.  Apparently it was a woman that came to take a look and she liked what she saw, especially the kitchen counters!  Her husband is coming into town early next week and they hope to see it again. That sounds promising!!  I'm afraid to get my hopes up, this was just our first showing, but it really sounds good.


Wednesday evening I got home from work before my husband.  The babies both needed to eat, but I was alone.  I was hoping that Hubby wasn't far behind.  So I got both diapers changed, the two leftover bottles from daycare in some hot water to warm up, and placed one of the boys in his rocker by my feet.  I've tried to feed them both at the same time and have not been able to do it successfully.  However, before I could sit down to start feeding one of them, the doorbell rang.  I had a leaky bottle I was trying to clean up and fix and one screaming child.  But I went to the door anyway.  A lady was there wondering if we had any brochures of the house.  So I went and grabbed one for her.  She asked if we had a dining room and when I replied yes she seemed very excited.  Then she asked if she could just take a quick peak at it.  Um, Lady, can you not hear the screaming child in the other room???  I said no in a very polite way and she left.  I was then able to start feeding the screaming child, which then meant that the non-screaming child had to pick up where the first left off.  ::sigh::


I was encouraged by this and let my realtor know that we had another potential interest she might be hearing from.  Then on Thursday I get home from work and Hubby informs me that the same lady came back again.  She pulled into the driveway just behind him when he got home from work, told him she had been here the day before, and asked if he had a brochure on the house.  He asked her, "Didn't my wife give you one yesterday?"  She said yes, but she lost it.  Already??  Hubby is convinced she's just crazy.  Maybe I shouldn't count on her yet.  Oh well!


My work life is about to change quite a bit.  I have a staff member who's last day is today.  ::sad::  I've been lucky over the years and have always had good people in that position.  Each time I have to refill that position I worry that I won't find someone as good as any of the previous people.  The person I'm losing is no exception.  She'll definitely be missed.  I'll be taking on several of her job responsibilities in addition to my own as well as asking other staff members to handle some things.  The tricky part is that I probably won't get to replace this position right away and then I'm also going on sabbatical for six months beginning in January.  That means my unit will be down two people out of five for six months.  Yep, I'm a little nervous about how things are going to go.  I do trust my unit, but still, three people doing the work of five is not easy.  First and more important, we're going to celebrate the time we did have with the person who is leaving and wish her luck on her new job and new career.  I'll post a picture of the cake next week!!

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  1. Those boys are so cute- they look like their grandpa

  2. Aww, thanks! I think so too. They definitely have the cheeks that are so prevalent in my dad's family! Big, round Irish cheeks. LOL!!