Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Alert: Catholic Sistas has moved!!

If you haven't been following the Catholic Sistas Blog [and I'm sure that is no one here, right???] then you may have missed the announcement that it moved to a new web address.  Don't miss anything, change your RSS or blog reader links to the new address:

Did you notice how much easier the address is??  We kind of figured we would eventually go this direction, just didn't expect it within the first couple weeks.  But hey, the Holy Spirit leads and we follow!!

I will be going through my posts and sidebar shortly (if I haven't already by the time this post publishes) to redirect all links to the new blog. 

Also, I have a request.  If you have been following Catholic Sistas and enjoying it, we would love to hear your feedback.  Check out the page under "Accollare" (on the left side of the page) for the Readers' Scoop:  Have a comment to add?  There is a place there to add comments, or let me know either here or in a private email (see sidebar, About Me) and I will share it with our fearless leader.  If you share something with me, you're also giving me permission to use your words.  We won't publish your last name, just first and last initial, or even just first if you prefer.  Really, we'll put you up however you want.  If you want to brag about the Catholic Sistas in a blog post of your own, please share the link with me and we'll be happy to add the link to your post under that same "Accollare" menu.  Just let me know!!

Don't forget to change your RSS links and bookmarks to the new and improved Catholic Sistas blog.  Go check it out!!

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