Friday, September 02, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday, vol. 24


My boys are three months old now!!  They are growing up so fast!  ::sniff sniff::  They smile a lot more now, which has been fun.  It still takes some work on our part to make it happen, but the reward is finally there!  So cute!!

What do you remember from when your child(ren) were this age?  Or were you too sleep deprived to remember anything?


We are starting to see a routine with the boys. We now feed them 6 bottles a day (occasionally 5) and they sleep a good length of time at night. Those first several weeks you just have no idea how many bottles they take a day. At least I don't, not with two of them. It was all written down, but nothing was consistant. Now, however, I can predict things. Oh what a difference that makes!! First bottle is somewhere between 5 and 6 am (give or take an hour or two), last bottle is around 10pm (give or take an hour), and they sleep well in between. I'm simply feeling lucky right now!

Don't tell me that this will change. Just don't, let me live in a fantasy world for just a tad bit longer.


During my pregnancy I know I mentioned a desire to use cloth diapers. It is still very much on my mind, but we're unable to completely convert to it. The daycare won't use them, so I'm left with just weekends. I thought about evenings and nights during the week, but that wouldn't produce enough dirties to bother with a wash every couple days; there is no way I'm leaving dirty diapers sitting in the diaper pail for a week before I can wash them. So for the moment, it's just weekends. Then we had some issues with leaks and I decided I really didn't like the flushable liners I was using (the possible culprit of the leaks). So I bought a diaper sprayer [Yay!!] and Hubby hooked it up this week. Now my plan is to use cloth fully this coming weekend! It's actually a four day weekend for me and the boys (I'm taking a vacation day next Tuesday) so we should get plenty of use out of my fluff and see just how many more diapers I need to truly make it work for several days at a time. I'm hoping that by December, when I start being home full time, we'll know what we're doing and we'll be able to forgo sposies completely for the next 6 months. 

For the most part, we're using one-size, pockets (seem to be the easiest things for us with working and busy schedules).  I'm completely open to hearing tips, stories, and recommendations as well as words of encouragement for Hubby who is still doubting the wisdom of this endeavor. Leave comments below ... please!


I had professional head shots done this week.  They were taken for an upcoming promotion and tenure celebration but I'll also get the digital copies to use however I want.  So you know, if I ever, like ... publish a book or something, I'll have a nice picture for the back cover.  Ha!!  Maybe I'll just use it for my profile picture on this blog.

Have you ever had professional head shots done?  If so, what for?


Promotion and tenure celebration??  Oh, did I forget to mention ... yes, I was promoted this year.  Went into effect on July 1.  Yes, I know, I wasn't even at work then, hadn't been there in several months.  So how did I manage that?  Well, as a faculty member the promotion process starts very early.  I started putting together my file and contacting potential outside references (colleagues from other institutions) in May/June of 2010.  The process takes about a year.  I found out around March or April that my case had been approved at all levels except the Board of Trustees.  So I've known since then, but it wasn't really official until the B of T met in May.  Let's just say that I've been a little busy since it was made official in May.  ::smile::

Any guesses on why I was so busy?  [You can just taste the sarcasm, can't you.]


Have you been following the Catholic Sistas blog??  I am so impressed day after day with the amazing posts my sista friends are writing!!  If you haven't been there yet, please go check it out, "like" us on Facebook, add us to your blog reader or RSS feed, and if you have a blog grab the "Friends of the Sistas" image from the blog and add is as a linked image on your blog (and we thank you for the free advertising!).  [And my first post went up this week, too.]

Is there anything you'd like to see this blog do?  Maybe something you wish was on the internet for Catholic women but haven't been able to find anywhere else?  We're still new enough that we're throwing around a lot of ideas.


I signed myself up for a date for my next post over at the Catholic Sistas blog.  I chose the feast day of St. Jerome.  It was completely unintentional, I was looking at the end of September and saw his feast day listed and thought, "what the heck."  He's the patron saint of my profession.  So now I'm contemplating writing something about work and still putting a Catholic spin on it.  It just may take me a month to figure that one out. 

Any ideas?

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  1. Regarding #4, I've head professional headshots done twice in the past 6 years (my current FB pic and the b&w pic are the ones from teh most recent time). In Germany you have to submit a photograph with most job applications -- I know, very different from the US. So, of course you want good pictures. :-)

    Congrats on your promotion!!!