Saturday, April 16, 2011

Stroller Help!

I need help from experienced moms.  Whether you have twins or not, I think (I hope) that this question is still something you can weigh in on with what you have done (if you have twins) or what you might do (if you were having twins).

My plan is to get a double stroller frame that my infant car seats will fit in.  I figure as long we the babies fit in the infant seats (at least 12-18 months, is my guess) I can use this double stroller frame.  Once we have outgrown this stroller we need something else.  This is where my husband and I are having differing opinions.

My husband seems to think that we should get two umbrella strollers.  I think we should get one double umbrella stroller.  He doesn't seem to think the double stroller is necessary.  For some reason he thinks that any time we will use it we'll be together.  I don't agree and can't imagine trying to handle two separate umbrella strollers at once.  Yes, we usually go on walks together, but there are other times either he or I will probably need a stroller and will be on our own.  Right?

What do you think?  Whether you have twins or not, I think this is something any mom can think through.  Once your children were old enough to be in an umbrella stroller and thus also able to walk, how much did you use a stroller?  Do you think having two umbrella strollers are doable or would you think a double umbrella stroller will make my life (our lives) easier?

I'm open to any thoughts on this.  And if you agree with me, I'd love to know reasons why.  It will help in discussing it with the Hubby!  Thanks in advance!


  1. A friend of mine has 5 year old twins so I asked her what she did. They got a side-by-side double stroller for the boys once they got out of the "car seat" kind. She liked the side by side style because the boys could interact with each other. They still spent a good amount of time in the stroller once they could walk. I wouldn't get 2 single strollers as you'll be really stuck when you do go out solo with the kids.

  2. Thanks, Barb! I was thinking the side-by-side was probably what I would end up getting. I like the idea of them being able to interact and both be able to see in front of them, rather than the one in back having a blocked view. Glad to know my instincts are on track in that I would still use a stroller fairly regularly even after they can walk. Thanks!!

  3. I'd get the double. Sure, you're probably almost always together, and that's fine, but in the event that you're not, it would be worth it to have.

  4. I would say don't get side by side. I had a double one in front of the other and it was much easier to get around malls and by people when walking. Side by side is very wide and can be cumbersome.

    JDs orthopedic says not to but umbrella strollers they have no back support what so ever and are not good. Though they are convenient cuz they are light and easy to store. I would recommend getting a double stroller instead of two singles, you are bound to be alone and will want to use it!

  5. Jenny7:31 PM

    OK, here's my experience. First, I wouldn't expect you to be able to use the car seat type of strollers for as long as you mentioned. I know all my kids got real tired of being (semi-reclined) in those seats once they were able to sit upright-6-9months. They were much happier being up and able to see. Also, I definitely recommend a double stroller as opposed to two singles. There are most definitely going to be times when you won't be together and have to take the kids somewhere...the uses for strollers go way beyond walks. A note about umbrella strollers is that unless you find an unusually tall one, they are very uncomfortable for tall people (Chris) to push. I personally have both a side by side jogger and a front to back stroller. The latter is great for the mall etc. but the jogger is wonderful for walks. It is much easier to push and much kinder on the wrists. If cost is a concern, check out Craig's list. I was on there recently and there are lots of all of the above. Also, my kids used a stroller until they were able to power a bike of sorts for themselves on walks. Hope this helps!

  6. Umbrella strollers are OK for a short, quick transport (handy to keep in the car), but really uncomfortable for walks, zoo, anything substantial. They also have no storage area which is a serious concern! I don't know which way I would go on a double stroller. Probably side-by-side just so I could really see both babies. Hmmm. I like whoever suggested trying them out in the store. Good luck!

  7. Definitely don't do two separate strollers at this stage. Even if you are together, inevitably, one kid gets fussy and needs to be held for a bit so one parent having hands free is nice. In reference to the comment about standard umbrella strollers being uncomfortable for tall people - yes, this is an issue, but somewhere out there (online, babies'r'us??) you can buy an extender for the stroller handles that help tremendously. And cupholders!! Really, it seems trivial right now, but cupholders suddenly seem important when you have strollers and babies. :) And I also agree about the comment where you estimated how long your babies would stay in the car seat never know. Savannah was 22 lbs at 4 months old and impossible to carry in the car seat and we switched her over pretty quickly (with proper support of course). Babies grow at such individual rates and it may surprise you so be prepared for anything. I also agree that you might want to look into front/back style stroller with storage - long days at zoos or other amusements parks (we DO live in Florida - ha!) make these handy. We kept inexpensive umbrella stroller for quick outings. Hope that helps!

  8. Thanks for all the suggestions. We have successfully convinced my husband that yes indeed a double stroller is better for us than two singles. Mission accomplished!!

    As for all the other suggestions, I think my idea of an umbrella stroller was a little different than what others were thinking. I wasn't thinking about the more flimsy kinds, so we're safe there. I posted a link to this post on my Facebook page as well and got lots of comments there too. Several people recommended the Maclaren double stroller and that was more what I had in mind as well. It has storage options and better support for babies and toddlers. Thanks for all the recommendations!!