Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pregnancy Update: Week 30

How far along: We have made it to a new milestone: 30 weeks!!  At this point I'm hoping we have about 4-6 weeks to go, which seems to jive with what my doctors are predicting as well.

How big are babies: The pregnancy app claims the babies are "almost" 3 pounds (about the same weight as a cabbage) and about 16 inches long.  But at an ultrasound on Monday the babies were estimated to be 3 lbs, 3 oz. and 3 lbs, 1 oz.  The app is definitely conservative!  Oh well, that's why we do the ultrasounds.  But it's nice to know I have good average size babies!!  Yay!

Survival chances: This is the same as the last two weeks: Babies born between 28 weeks to 31 weeks, 6 days have a 95% chance of survival. Severe or moderate disability among survivors has dropped to 12% while minor disability among survivors remains the same at 25%. (Gunter, The Preemie Primer, 2010)

Weight gain: According to my estimates and based on the scale at the doctor's office on Monday I've gained about 34 pounds.  But they probably have my official weight gain at 24 pounds.  Not bad for 30 weeks with twins.

Cravings: Nothing in particular.  Kind of remarkable considering I've been watching a  lot more Food Network lately, too.

Aversions: Nothing in particular.

Belly button: I can now see it protruding beneath my clothes on a much more regular basis.  Again, it just looks weird.

Movement: Still lots of movement.  Kicks and waves of shifting movements.  Still surprises me when it happens.  I have to remind myself to enjoy it now, as the babies get bigger and have less room I know I'll feel them move less.  Everything I've read about twins indicates this.  Hopefully I'll keep feeling them for a good while longer.

Leg cramps: Still none, but the Restless Leg Syndrome is still there.  Walking a bit more around the house helps and I'm doing a better job of stretching my legs more.  Luckily my doctors want me to start slowly doing more moving around.  So that's good, I don't feel as guilty walking up the stairs a couple times a day just to stretch my legs.  If I make it to 32 weeks, I may get to actually walk a bit further.  Could a walk down the block and back be in my future??  Hmm ...

Sleeping: About the same, which isn't saying much.  Since I can't seem to reposition myself without great effort, I finally decided to get rid of the pregnancy pillow.  Gives us a lot more room in the bed!  Still up a few times a night and moving from one side to another is a hassle.  Honestly, I think I'm getting used to it.  It's practice, I'm sure, for all those late night feedings in my future! 

Ultrasound: Had a growth ultrasound on Monday.  Twin A was estimated to be 3 lbs., 3 oz., had a heartbeat of 136, and is in the 52nd percentile.  Twin B was estimated to be 3 lbs., 1 oz., had a heartbeat of 125, and is in the 47th percentile.  Good average babies.  The discrepancy between them (which takes other things into account besides weight) is 5%.  Still good.  I saw Dr. O this time and he said he saw no reason to continue checking my cervix.  Yay!  Was fun, as always, to watch the babies moving on the screen.  Even saw one of them swallow!!  Both were also head down!  I'm hoping they stay that way, but our little trouble maker (Twin B) will probably move again while he still has some room.  The next ultrasound will be Monday April 25 and will be just to check dopplars (mainly fluid flow in the umbilical chords).

Appointment: This was also on Monday just before the ultrasound appointment.  While waiting I saw Dr. M's nurse (my regular OB) who told me that Dr. M had her baby at 2am on Sunday morning.  A good size baby boy who was 8 lbs., something!  I'm kind of surprised because she's not a big person and she didn't look all that big when I saw her just two weeks ago.  Anyway, I met the High Risk Fellow, Dr. P, and had a good appointment with her.  She didn't measure me, but I'm estimating that I'm probably measuring around 38 weeks now (since I've been consistently about 8 weeks ahead).  She seemed very optimistic that I can make it to 36 weeks easily.  Let's hope she's right!!  She also wants me to go in for a fetal echo cardiogram.  Apparently some new research shows that mono/di twins are more at risk for heart issues, plus I have a family history of heart issues.  So I'll be doing that on Thursday at the hospital.  We're not really worried, just want to make sure there are no surprises that could effect treatment later, especially if the babies do come early.  Next appointment will also be Monday April 25.

Notable this week: Sometime this past week Hubby actually felt one of the babies shift around, rather than just the kicks or punches he had previously felt.  It's so funny to see his reaction!!  We also ordered furniture and the cribs came in!  They are still in boxes in the living room, but they will eventually make their way upstairs.  Finally, upon reaching 30 weeks I am suddenly hit by the realization that these babies could really be here in another 4-6 weeks!  Wow!!  So I've started talking to my parish about the baptism and we have asked our prospective Godparents and all four have said yes!!  No date set yet (that may be a while) just trying to get everything else in order and make sure we all meet my parish's requirements.  So exciting though!! 


  1. great update! if you ever have time- I bet that everyone would like to see pictures of the nursery

  2. Thanks!! At the moment the nursery is an empty room with green paint and a Don Paulos print hanging up in it (Mary and child). As soon as we get more stuff in it, I will definitely post pics!!