Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Joy Moments (4)

Finding a Joy Moment from this past week was a bit difficult since I've also been fighting this cold (which is better, by the way, just not completely gone).  I have mentioned previously how I sometimes find this sort of thing difficult, right?  Yep ... one of those weeks.

But then I had an ultrasound yesterday and saw something that made me smile!!  Ultrasounds are amazing, but when you have them as often as I do they start becoming second nature.  Not that they aren't wonderful to watch and see the babies, but I have one of these almost every week or so (about every two weeks at the moment).  Yesterday, however, while watching the ultrasound we caught one of the babies moving it's mouth and it was obviously swallowing!!  Wow!!  How amazing is that!!  Both my husband and I noticed it.  It was so cool to see.

Did you have a Joy Moment (big or small) from this past week that you want to share?  Blog about it on your own blog and post the link to your post here in the comments section (and include a link in your own post back to this one).  Or, for those without blogs, share your Joy Moment in the comments here. Looking forward to hearing every one's Joy Moments!!


  1. It is a joy for me to hear good news about your pregnancy!

    another silly joy moment for me- was eating a tostada! YUM :)

  2. Jenny8:17 AM

    The joy moment for this week that takes the cake for me is Sarah finally accepting, without protest, the new routine of me tucking her into bed and walking out to let her put herself to sleep for the night!

    The other would have to be the very large ice cream cone I got to eat this week for the first time since Oct. 2009! My next joy needs to be cheesecake!!!! :-)