Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Pregnancy Update: Week 32!

How far along: Well, we never thought we'd be here, but here we are at 32 weeks!!  This is four weeks longer than the long term goal that was set for us about 11 weeks ago while I was still in the hospital.  Amazing!!  I have very caring and attentive doctors and of course lots and lots of prayer warriors!!

How big are babies: Babies are estimated to be about 3.75 pounds (about the size of a large jicama) and about 16.7 inches long.  The babies are now starting to fatten up in anticipation of coming out into the world.

Survival chances: We've moved into a new category!!  Between 32 weeks and 33 weeks, 6 days survival chances are greater than 98%.  Wow!!  Severe or moderate disabilities among survivers is down to 8% while minor disability is down to 15%.  (Gunter, The Preemie Primer, 2010).  Something I have not mentioned previously but seems like it can go in this category is percent chance of delivery for women who have had a rescue cerclage for singleton pregnancies.  The doctor who performed my surery gave me these stats that day, unfortunately there are no stats for twin or multiple pregnancies so this was the best they had.  Of those women who had a rescue cerclage done about the middle of the second trimester, 22% of them delivered between 30 weeks and 33 weeks, 6 days.  For reference purposes, 5% delivered before 24 weeks and 10% delivered between 24 weeks and 29 weeks, 6 days.**

Weight gain: I think I have gained three pounds since my last weigh-in, which was two weeks ago Monday.  This Monday I was not weighed on the digital scale so I'm not totally confident in my ability to read the scale with the sliding pieces.  Overall, I estimate my weight gain at around 37 pounds.  Wow!!

Cravings: Don't think I've had any this week.  Although with all the Easter candy we have around the house now, I haven't had the opportunity to crave much of anything.

Aversions: Nothing here either.  No surprise there!

Belly button: It's funny to me that I can see where it is now through my clothing!!  It sticks out just enough to make an impression.

Movement: They are moving like crazy, especially Baby B!  Apparently they still have plenty of room to move around!  I wish I knew where they were finding it, just doesn't seem possible to me!

Leg cramps and other symptoms: Once again, no leg cramps, but I think I've had a few moments when I thought I was going to get one.  I'm awake so frequently at night that I have been able to catch the start of tightening muscles and stretch them out before they turn into cramps.  So those haven't been a big deal.  The restlessness, on the other hand, is still driving me crazy.  But I finally talked to the doctor about that Monday and I have some things to try.  Hubby couldn't find a low dose magnesium supplement, but he did find some protein drinks that contain magnesium. Those protein drinks are beneficial anyway and were recommended since at some point my stomach won't be able to take in much food.  So we'll try these and I need to start eating more foods that contain magnesium as well as some potassium (fruits and veggies, nuts, seeds, etc.).  I guess the one banana I have a week just isn't cutting it.  Only other symptom I've had was some serious bladder issues this past weekend.  No infection or anything, just someone playing soccer or kick ball or something with it.  I was in some serious pain this weekend because of it.  It seems to have subsided for the time-being.  I'm sure we're not done with it and I'm not looking forward to that pain returning.

Sleeping: It's just hard.  'Nough said!

Ultrasound: Had another on Monday this week.  This one was for fluid and doppler checks.  Have I mentioned before that I'm in a University HealthCare system?  That means that there are often other people around besides your doctor and nurses and possibly some residents.  I'm used to it now, I've had doctors, residents, med school students, nurses, nurses in training, and probably plenty of other people in on my appointments, hospital stays, etc.  My ultrasound this week was actually performed by someone who is apparently learning how to be an ultrasound tech.  He had not done twins before and had never done dopplers, since they aren't commonly done with singletons.  Regardless, everything looks good and I never saw the doctor, but the appointment did take a little longer than usual since he had to find his way around and fidget with the machine more than a pro would  I was impressed with the patience of the regular tech as she helped him through everything.  He did get a really great picture of the separating membrane (which is impressive this far along in the pregnancy) and the fluid measurements looked pretty equal to my untrained eyes.  My next ultrasound will be a growth ultrasound on Monday May 9.  Can't believe we're making appointments for May now!!

Appointment: This was also on Monday.  Nothing too big to report.  Talked to Dr. M's nurse briefly and she told me that Dr. M was doing well and enjoying her new baby, plus I finally got the little guy's name.  My visit with Dr. P was good and brief.  She is letting me go another two weeks before she sees me again and then we'll start having weekly appointments.  She's determined that I'm still going to be pregnant when Dr. M returns.  That would be great and I hope she's right!  She also said that as long as the babies are doing well and are healthy when we get to 36 weeks, she'll let me go to 37, by which time I believe Dr. M will be back.  We are also starting the Non-Stress Tests (NST) next week.  Those are twice a week, Mondays and Thursdays.  So my next appointment to see Dr. P is Monday May 9.  In the meantime I have an NST on Monday May 2 and Thursday May 5 as well as the second fetal echo on May 5.  Yep, May is going to be a busy month!!

Notable this week: We (i.e. Hubby) got the cribs put together!!  And we now have the dresser scheduled to be picked up and a replacement coming as well.  I hope there are no issues with the replacement!  Here's a look at the cribs:

The picture between the windows is Our Lady of the Snows.
I'm also starting to look online for baptismal gowns (wow, there are some pretty expensive gowns out there!!) and get the date set for a baptism.  I can't believe I'm actually going to get to plan a baptism this time!!  For so long it seemed like it would never happen or that we would have to do it at the hospital.  I'm so excited!!

**Ventolini, G., et al, "Pregnancy outcome after placement of 'rescue' Shirodkar cerclage."  Journal of Perinatology. 9(4):276-279, April 2009.


  1. what a beautiful nursery! 32 weeks yay! This is when I had my last baby- she was born very healthy (I had toxemia) at 4 pounds but stayed in the NICU 5 weeks for feeding...32 weeks is great- now- even better is every week they grow

  2. I love those Cribs and the Mary picture! 32 weeks, YAY!!!!! Now the goal hopefully is 36 weeks :) Many prayers for you and your family!!!

  3. Yep, I'm so excited to be at 32! This definitely makes a world of difference in the health of the babies. And yes, new goal is now 36 weeks!! That would be awesome!

    Priest's Wife: So glad to hear your little preemie is was healthy and is now doing well. :)