Friday, March 04, 2011

Seven Quick Takes, vol. 16


If you follow this blog regularly you know that I had surgery a couple weeks ago, related to my pregnancy, and I am now on bedrest.  I've had lots and lots and LOTS of suggestions for things to watch on TV, movies to get, etc.  I'm not much of a TV person.  I'd much rather read the books I have that I've never read, catch up on my blog reading, and read the magazines and newsletters I get in the mail.  I also want to finally listen to the podcasts that I recently subscribed to and have only listened to a few of.  So what podcasts am I listening to?  Continue reading to find out!


Among Women was recommended to me by some readers of this blog.  So I subscribed a while back and finally yesterday I listened to the first of 6 episodes that had downloaded to my iTunes account.  I really enjoyed it and am looking forward to catching up on the other 5 episodes soon.  A podcast for women, by women, and about women.  In the episode I listened to the host told the story of an early Christian martyr and then also interviewed a blogger and writer about her work.  This will be a great podcast for learning about women saints as well as the amazing work and accomplishments of Catholic women in today's world.  I'm looking forward to listening to more!


I first downloaded the Catholic Moments Podcast  in December and have listened to a couple episodes.  This is another great one.  It offers a variety of things in each 30-40 minute episode.  I especially like Sarah's Mary Moments section, but the whole thing is great.  I highly recommend this one.


EWTN has several podcasts available.  We don't have EWTN in my area (unless we want to spend a ton of money on cable just get add that one station along with a ton of others we don't want).  So I'm not familiar with all the offerings EWTN has.  I was pleased to see that I can listen to their shows through podcasts, but I don't have time to listen to them all.  So I downloaded one. I have The Journey Home with Marcus Grodi.  This has been a good choice because I love conversion stories.  He interviews people on his show that have come into full communion with the Church or converted to Catholicism from a variety of backgrounds.  I listened to his interview with a former Church of Christ minister and was fascinated (and a little shocked) with what I learned about the Church of Christ and by his amazing story.  My husband has listened to this one with me on occasion, too.  I'll turn it on during dinner or if he comes home to have lunch with me we may listen to an episode.


Another favorite I've found is the Faith and Family Live podcast.  I subscribe to the magazine and have known about this podcast for some time.  A sister-in-law sent me a link to one of their older episodes on Pregnancy Loss several months ago.  I finally went in this past December and listened to it and subscribed to the rest of the podcast.  I've listened to a few episodes and love it!  I have four in my account that I still haven't listened to, but will be soon.  Check this one out!!


Finally, I highly recommend Fr. Barron's Word on Fire Sermon podcast.  This is a 15 minute, once a week podcast on the Sunday Gospel reading.  I've heard Fr. Barron speak, read some of his articles, and seen his commentary on current events/issues on You Tube.  He's a great speaker and has wonderful insight.  This is one podcast that I am actually caught up on; I only have one unlistened to episode in my account and it's his sermon for this coming Sunday.  So maybe I'll listen on Saturday to help prepare myself for Sunday's mass.  This is also what I listened to when I came home from the hospital a few weeks ago since I had missed mass that weekend.  (There is also a Word on Fire iPhone app, but I'll save discussion of that for another post.)


Random Quick Take: Today I take the last of one of the medications I'm on.  Yay!!  This will leave just two vitamins and one other medication (prometrium).  I'll be taking these three the rest of the pregnancy.  But that's just fine with me!  Hopefully no more.  I've been on so much stuff in the last three weeks!!  So glad to see it decreasing!

For more Quick Takes, check out Jen Fulwiler's blog, Conversion Diary.  (This week, you'll be redirected to another blog for the complete list; Jen is on a temporary break since she is speaking at a conference this weekend.)  Enjoy!!


  1. Well, bless your cotton socks! F&F is one of my favorites too, like sitting down at the kitchen table with a hot drink and a couple of girlfriends. Among Women is a favorite too!

    Can you tell I'm a fellow podcast-addict?

    Check out Just a Catholic Dad too, one of my favorites, and iPadre and Catholic Vitamins! (Oops, now you have a real backlog!)

    I also love Catholic Foodie (though I must disclose that I also do a Mary segment for that one too, but I liked it before I did the segment!) and Uncommon Sense (um, same disclaimer).

    But wait, I ALSO recommended podcasts I'm not involved with.

    I'd better stop or you'll be as full of to-listen-to podcasts as I am!

    Thanks for the link and the love! Best to you during your pregnancy!

  2. Sarah: I think you were one of the ones who suggested Among Women to me! :) Thanks for the further suggestions. I may have to ook into those. I bet my husband would like some of them too (he's a foodie and a fan of Chesterton). I'm afraid to add too many, though. I may catch up eventually, but when the babies arrive ... well who knows! Haha! Life is gonna be a changin'!