Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Pregnancy Update: Week 28

How far along: 28 weeks!!  No one thought I'd make it this far.  It's quite amazing!  And we're officially in the third trimester!  Totally cool!

Chinese cabbage, weighing about 2 1/4 pounds.
How big are babies: The pregnancy app puts the babies at about 2 and a quarter pounds (about the same as a Chinese cabbage).  However, the babies weighed this much last week, so my guess is that they probably weigh closer to 2 and a half pounds.  The app also says the babies are about 14.8 inches from the top of the head to the heels.

Survival chances: Everything just got a lot better!!  Babies born at 28 weeks to 31 weeks and 6 days have a 95% chance of survival.  Severe or moderate disability among survivors has dropped to 12% while minor disability among survivors remains the same at 25%.  (Gunter, The Preemie Primer, 2010)  My doctor told me today that if I were to deliver now they would expect the babies to stay in the NICU for about two months.  But with each week further that we get, that's about a week less they have to stay at the hospital.  If we get to 36 weeks there is a good chance they will come home with us.  Don't know that we'll make it that far, but here's hoping!!

Weight gain: Was weighed at the office today and my doctor said I had gained about 20 pounds.  I realized then that she was using a different base number than I was.  I was thinking of what I know I weighed just before I got pregnant; I believe she is using whatever I weighed at my first "official" appointment for this pregnancy, which was not actually my first appointment and was probably around 12 weeks.  My base number shows my gain at about 30 pounds.  But if she says 20, that works for me, too!  Either way, I'm doing pretty good for carrying twins and being on bedrest, i.e. getting no exercise to speak of.

Cravings: I've been wanting something sweet!!  We have some sweet things around, but not the bad sweets!  Hubby made chocolate cupcakes this week, which was awesome!  I'm not a huge fan of the broiled coconut frosting, but it's not bad.  I would have prefered a more traditional frosting.  I also had a coupon for 2 bags of candy that expires at the end of the month.  Hubby didn't seem excited about using the coupon, but I apparently wore him down.  He bought me a bag of mini York Patties and a bag of the assorted mini Hershey bars.  So awesome!!  I'm going to have be careful or that weight gain may go up a bit more than it should!

Aversions: Nothing I can think of.  Yay!

Belly button: Well, I was an outie, but it seems to be getting stretched flat now.  I think it might disappear!!  Haha!

Leg cramps: I'm tempted to take this off the list, but as soon as I do I'll probably get one again.  So far, though, none since sometime in January!  Yipee!

Sleeping: I can't believe I am sleeping better.  Well, maybe better isn't the best word, but I'm not getting up as much during the night.  Usually only twice now, maybe three times, but that seems rare.  Getting comfy is still hard, my back is hurting more making it difficult to find a comfortable spot, and trying to turn over is almost impossible.  Almost.  Check back in a few weeks.  I've been starting to dream of having one of those side sleeping pillows I've seen on TV that have a hole in the middle.  You know what the hole is for?  For your ear!!  Yes!  That's what I need so my ear stops feeling so sore after being smashed against the pillow in one spot all night long.

Ultrasound: Was back in Ultrasound again today for another cervical check.  We're still holding steady at 1 cm.  This may be short compared to most women, but it's great when you consider where I was 7 weeks ago: 2 cm. dilated!  Since I've been holding steady at 1 cm. and we're now at 28 weeks, they are going to stop checking it so often and, as the doctor told me today, start "weaning me off" of the ultrasound.  Fine by me, this is not my favorite type of ultrasound to be doing every week.  So the next ultrasound is a growth check of the babies on April 11.  Wow, that seems so long from now!

Appointment: Today was my last appointment with my OB.  She goes on maternity leave next week and I'll most likely deliver before she gets back.  But she wants to know what the babies are and when I deliver, so she told me to call when everything happens.  In the appointment itself we just talked about several things, she answered the questions I had, we took a look at the babies' heartbeats with the portable ultrasound machine, and she measured me.  I am measuring at 36 weeks for a singleton!  No wonder I feel so big!  My next appointment will also be on April 11, but with the Fellow for the High Risk Clinic.  No one felt comfortable having another one of the OBs take my case on, so this way I'll be with someone who works closely with the High Risk/MFM doctors.  I also met the Fellow briefly when I was in the hospital, so at least I know who she is.

Notable this week: Some friends of mine held a baby shower for me on Sunday.  It was sweet of them to do and we had a great time together.  It was really nice to have a small shower with just a few close friends.  And now there is more baby stuff in the house ... but nowhere to put it.  Not to worry, we'll be doing some work this coming weekend to finally start getting ready.

Prayer Request: I just want to take a moment to ask all the prayer warriors out there to please offer some prayers for a friend of mine.  I don't know all the details, but she and her husband were supposed to be adopting a baby this week.  Things did not go as planned, unfortunately, and I believe they are back home already (the adoption was taking place out of state).  I feel absolutely heartbroken for them.  Please offer some prayers up for them and all involved.

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