Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Pregnancy Update: Week 25

How far along: 25 weeks!  Survival chances are now up around 60%, possibly better since I'm delivering at a hospital with the best NICU in the area.  All good news!

Rutabaga: about 1 1/2 lbs.
 How big are babies: My handy dandy pregnancy app tells me the babies are approximately 13 1/2 inches long. They also weigh in at about a pound and a half, the size of a rutabaga (see picture).  That means I have about 3 pounds of baby I'm carrying around.  Wow!!

Cravings: I keep wanting pizza but hubby won't give in.  He may make homemade pizza this weekend.  I may order something for lunch one day.  Homemade is good, but there is just something about Papa John's or Pizza Hut pizza.

Aversions: Still nothing here either.

Belly button: We're pretty much at outtie stage now.  Thankfully it doesn't stick out enough to see it through my clothes.  But it is weird looking.

Movement: Starting to get stronger this week!

Leg cramps: Still none, let's hope that continues!  On the other hand I think I'm starting to have Restless Leg Syndrome.  So I do make sure to get up and walk a little just to stretch them a bit.

Sleeping: This is getting rougher.  And it's not because of baby movement.  They still aren't quite strong enough to keep me awake, but my belly is getting bigger making it harder to change positions.  But the biggest sleep challenge has been one of the medications I'm on.  I have to put it in before bed and I think it is making me have to use the bathroom once an hour for the first 3-4 hours I'm in bed.  I sleep in between, but it is rather annoying to be constantly waking up.  I'm also not crazy about how the medication makes me feel for the first couple hours it is working.  Maybe this is normal and I'm needlessly blaming the medication, but I do think it has something to do with it.  It'll probably be good practice for when the babies are here!

Ultrasound: Next one is next Tuesday, March 15.

Appointment: Next one of these is next Wednesday, March 16.  I'll also do the glucose test prior to that appointment.

Notable this week: Hubby has finally been able to feel the babies kick for the first time!  That was fun!


  1. great news! Are you doing 'stress tests' at the hospital?

  2. Don't have a stress test scheduled yet, but I know I will be doing some. They won't be at the hospital though, I'll do them at the High Risk office.

  3. Hubby9:37 PM

    And they pack quite a wallop for Rutabagas...