Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Joy Moments (2)

Time for Joy Moments!!  Want to participate?  Keep reading for more info!

I have two Joy Moments this week and they are related.  Both were this past Sunday.

First, the "big" Joy Moment was a baby shower hosted by my friends in the SHE group.  It was so nice to have a small, intimate shower and to be in such a joyful atmosphere!  It was probably one of the best showers I've ever been to.  Someone mentioned that same sentiment while we were together and everyone agreed.  I think for this group in particular having a shower where we all know each other, know each other's struggles, and have supported each other in those struggles just made everything so much more relaxing for everyone.  Not to mention, it was just so nice to have these girls share the joy of my pregnancy with me.  It brings tears to my eyes!!  Definitely a Joy Moment in my week!

As we were wrapping up the shower there was also a small Joy Moment when someone's husband stopped by with their daughter who is about 4 months old.  It put a smile on my face to see some of the girls making cute faces with the baby and eating her up.  Just so cute!!  I hope so much that there will be many more baby shower celebrations in the future for the girls in this group.

Did you have a Joy Moment (big or small) this past week that you want to share?  Blog about it on your own blog and post the link to your post here in the comments section (and include a link in your own post back to this one).  Or, for those without blogs, share your Joy Moment in the comments here. Looking forward to hearing everyone's Joy Moments!!

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  1. Mary Sangster2:32 PM

    I had a bittersweet joy moment this week. My little one (22 months) is sick with a bad cold and his first ear infection ever. Well, on Monday when he woke up he was feeling so bad that he just laid on my chest for two hours. :( Not so joyful, but as sad as I was for him not feeling good (and not being able to do much for him), I was also enjoying the cuddliness, since this boy is always go go going, and it's rare to have him sit still for ten seconds, let alone lay his head down on my shoulder and snuggle in. So I sat there and tried not to worry too much, and just enjoyed having a snuggle-bug for the morning - after I called the doctor to get an appointment!